Arlington Kola Mist Co

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Arlington Kola Mist Co, Clarendon VA (c1924-?)

The formation of the Arlington Kola Mist Co was announced in the Washington Post on August 27, 1924. Officers were Charles R. Taylor, president; Ashton C. Jones, vice president; John W. Rogers, treasurer and GM; Robert F. Brooks jr., secretary. The article says that the company would be located in Rosslyn, but the markings on the bottle indicate that it was in Clarendon1.
An article in the Washington Post on Jan 28, 1926 said that Dr. John W. Rogers was elected president of the company, so it was still in business as of 19262.
I've seen a photo of a KOLA MIST bottle from York PA, as well as one from Scottland Neck NC, so the company was not limited to Arlington.


kolamist_01 This is a 7.75" clear machine-made bottle with a square, 4-paneled shape, embossed:
front/back panels: ARLINGTON KOLA MIST Co. / CLARENDON, VA.
on both sides panels: KOLA MIST (in fancy design)

1 Washington Post article, Aug 27, 1924
2 Washington Post article, Jan 28, 1926

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