C&O Canal Letters

This page contains letters & envelopes related to the C&O Canal.

1827_01a 1827 Letter/Envelope (part 1 of 2)

This is a letter folded up into an envelope. The letter mentions the C&O Canal. The envelope has a red cancel mark that says "WASHN CITY NOV 10", and says:
                   Mr Huizinga Messchert Esq

On the edge of the envelope it says:
From 10 Novm 1827
answ 20 March 1827
James Davidson
   Col. Dist.

1827_01b 1827 Letter/Envelope (part 2 of 2)

This inside letter says (as much as I can make out):
                                   Washington, Nov. 10th 1827
Mr Huizinga Messchert Esq

    Dear Sir,
          Your favor of the 8th rec'd.  I made your 
subscription to the Ches & Ohio Canal at the Farmer's and
Mechanic's Bank of george Town & will attend to your request
respecting future requisitions.
         Your note for $10 is ample and thankfully recd,
                I am respectfully
                      Your abl Seran
                      James Davidson
1828_02a 1828 Letter/document (part 1 of 3)

I'm not sure if this is a letter, or just a legal document. It discusses the transfer of 2 shares of stock from the Potomac Company to the C&O Canal Company. My attempt to make out what is says:
On this day the Eight of January in
the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and twenty eight, before me John
Sabins, Notary public, residing in Amster
dam and in presence of the undersigned witnesses
personally appeared Madam Christina
Messchert Widow and Sole docutrix of
Mr Jacob van Oostermyk Bruynm, dwelling
in this city on the Hierengraacht near the
Conings plein.
Who hath made, constituted and appointed,
and by these presents doth make constitute
and appoint M. Mathews Huisinga
Messchert of Philadelphia, true and Camful
Attorney for her and on her behalf and quality
a foresaid, to subscribe the amount of two
shares of the capital or joint stock of the
Potomac Company to the capital stock of the
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal company on
the Books of said company, in the manner
provided by law, which said two shares of the
Potomac Company, being the same which
were, transferred and set over unto Jacob
van Oostermyk Bruyn of Amsterdam, by
Mathews Hauizinga Messchert, on the
twelfth of March in the year of our Lord
one thousand seven hundred and nintey three
1828_02b 1828 Letter/document (part 2 of 3)

The letter continues:
and recorded in the Books of the Potomac
Company, also to make the transfer of
said Shares and receive the certificatse
of the new Stock, and do all lawful acts requesite
for effecting the premises, with romer also an
Attorney or Attornies under him the said ?
Mathews Huizinga Messchert, for that
purpose to make and see substitute here by ratifying
and confirming all that her said Attorney or his
substitute or substitutes shall do therein by virtue
here of. In witness whereof the said constituent
hath signed sealed and acknowledged this act
and Deed, before me the said Notary and in the
presence of Coenrandran der Bortanlbysdirlling on the
Korte Prinseingracht Hand Johannes Petrus van Hanes
dwelling in the Noordetrat NY both within that
city, witnesses herein to required who have
also signed these present with some the said
Notarial seat to be here to affixed at Amsterdam,
the day and year first above written.

  C. Vander VoormouthYps
J.P. Van Nianer               C. Messchert
                              3rd J.V.O. Bruyn Jr
                                 W. abing N.taney

1828_02c 1828 Letter/document (part 3 of 3)

This is the 3rd and final page of the letter/document. I can't make out much of anything written here - I don't think it's in English.

1828_01a 1828 Letter/Envelope (part 1 of 2)

This is my attempt to transcribe this letter, with question-marks where I can't make out a word.
  Office of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Company 
Washington, Oct 3, 1828
Sir: You will perceive by the National Intelligencer & other public papers that several installments on the Stock of the Ches & Ohio Canal Company have been called for, and that your Bank has been designated among others to receive them. I send you by this days mail, a list of the stockholders and printed receipts in blank - and I now enclose a copy of the Bylaws of the Company which will point out the mode of receiving and paying the funds of the company. I am Sir your ???? ??? John P. Ingle Clerk Ches & O C Co To the Cashier of the Hagerstown Bank
1828_01b 1828 Letter/Envelope (part 2 of 2)

This is the back side of the above letter, showing that it had no envelope, but was simply folded up. It doesn't have a stamp, and the first word on the top right is "Free", so I assume that means that for whatever reason, no stamp was needed.
It was from "C.F. Mercer", and addressed to "The Cashier of the Hagerstown Bank, Hagerstown Maryland"
1829_envelope 1829 Envelope

This is an envelope from Charles Fenton Mercer, former president of the C&O Canal company. My attempt to transcribe what it says:
                            C.F. Mercer 

   Cashr of the Branch Bank of the
         Bank of the United States
Also, written on the inside:
       Richard ???? 2
         C.F. Mercer
1830_01 1830 Letter/Envelope

This is is a letter from 1830 that mentions a stone-mason from the C&O Canal. It also mentions "Mr Gadsby's Hotel", which is a former hotel that is now a museum in Alexandria VA. The letter says:
                 Washington Octr 8th 1830
Dear Sirs
             Immediately upon the receipt
of your Letter I called Mr. Gadsby's Hotel
to see Mrs Weldon and found that she had         
been fortunately releived from the unplesant
situation in which she had been placed by the
arrival of her husband.  He is engaged as a
stone mason upon the Chesapeak & Ohio Canal
about 30 miles above this place & received a
per diem compensation of two Dollars.  He had
procured comfortable boarding for Mrs. W in this
City & had returned again to his duties.  Her
desire appears to be to procure some situation
for her husband in some of the Public Offices
& also to obtain some employment for herself.  She
would prefer the situations of teacher in some

females school, neither of which I am sorry to say
do I think there is much probability of obtaining.
There are no Clerkships vacant and besides
there are many hundred applications in antici-
pations.  There are already many XXXX more
Seminaries here for young Ladies than can be
well supported.  Mrs W. has already made appli-
cations at most of them to be engaged as an
assitant but without success.  Any assistance
I can afford her will be received with much 
                            Yours truly
                            Gilbert Rodman

John A. Fisher Esq
1830_02 1830 Letter/Envelope

This is is a outside of the above letter from 1830. It has a red stamp that says "CITY OF WASHINGTON OCT 8". In handwriting, it says:
John A Fisher Esquire
       Attorney at Law
            Harrisburg pa
1857_01 c1857 Envelope

This 5.5" x 2.35" envelope is addressed:
   W. P. Maulsby Esq
      Ches. & Ohio Canal
          Frederick City 
It's postmarked Feb 13 from Alexandria VA. Maulsby was the president of the C&O Canal from Jun 1856 to Mar 1858, so with a February post mark, it must have been mailed in either 1857 or 1858.
1859_01 1859 postmarked envelope

This envelope has a 3-cent stamp and was postmarked 1859 in Washington DC. It is addresssed to:
       Mr.s D James, ? Smith
             Allegany Co.
c1863 c1863 Autograph of Samuel Hambleton

I bought this on eBay and the seller said it had been cut from a Civil War era document, so I don't know the exact date. Samuel Hambleton (b.1812, d.1886) was president of the C&O Canal company in 1853 and 1854. This piece of paper says:
    Sam Hambleton

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