C&O Canal Miscellaneous Collectables

This page contains miscelaneous items related to the C&O Canal - mostly souvenirs and boy-scout related items.

plaque_02 Plaque - date unknown
This C&O Canal Company plaque appears to be made of steel inside brass. It appears to be old, but I don't know anything about it's history.
1987_change_purse 1987 Change Purse
This change purse from 1987 commemorates the 200th anniversary of Williamsport MD.
1990_ornament 1990 Christmas Ornament
This Christmas Ornament depicts the C&O Canal at Hancock MD on the front, and says "Reflections of Christmas 1990 Pen Mar Jaycees 3rd Edition" on the back.
2000_paper_weight 2000 Paper Weight
This paper weight has a nice marble base & metal plate. It commemorates the 150th anniversary of the completion of the C&O Canal in 1850.
paperweight_02 Glass Paper Weight
This paper weight is made of glass with a color picture at the bottom. I suspect it's older than the paper weight above, but I don't know it's date. It says: "C. AND O. CANAL, CUMBERLAND, MD."
2000_magnet 2000 Refrigerator Magnet
This metal refrigerator magnet commemorates the 150th anniversary of the completion of the C&O Canal in 1850.
cloth_map 2004 Yellow Cloth Map
This yellow cloth map is about 22" square. It says "Chesapeake & Ohio Canal" around each side, and has a map of the canal in the middle. It is copywrited 2004.
magnet_02 Refrigerator Magnet
This refrigerator magnet depicts a canal boat and says "WESTERN TERMINUS OF THE CHESAPEAKE & OHIO CANAL, CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND" along the bottom.
plaque_01 Plaque
This plaque is made of copper mounted on wood.
plaque_03 Plaque
This plaque is a tile with a cork backing and a metal hook for hanging. It says: "C&O Canal - Cumberland Loading Docks". It looks like the signiture says "J. DeHart".
aqueduct_01 Wooden Cutout
This wooden cutout block is painted with the Monocacy Aqueduct on the front. The back has a description of the aqueduct, and says "www.myhometowne.com".
matchbook_01 Matchbook
This matchbook depicts a canal boat, with the words "CHESAPEAKE & OHIO CANAL" under it. The other side of the matchbook says "Giant Food ... Super Giant". of the aqueduct, and says "www.myhometowne.com".
walking_stick Walking Stick Medallion
This curved medallion is meant to be nailed onto a walking stick. It says "CHESAPEAKE & OHIO CANAL COMPANY". The bag it came in said it was from a company called Hike America.
bottle_01 Bottle
This bottle was hand made by the Clevenger Brothers glass works in NJ. It was made using a standard bottle mold, and a custom metal "slug plate", which is shown below.
slugplate_01 Slug-plate for the above bottle
This is the metal slug-plate that was used to provide the embossed image of the C&O Canal boat in the bottle pictured above. It contains a mirror-image of what's on the bottle, cut into the metal (which leaves a right-side-around image on the bottle).
whistles Plastic Whistles
Green plastic whistles - one says "CHESAPEAKE & OHIO CANAL NATIONAL HISTORIC PARK" and the other just says "C & O CANAL".
bag_01 Cloth Bag
This is a cloth bag that says: "C&O CANAL ASSOCIATION".
clubcard_01 Club member Card
This is a 2.25"x3.75" card that says:
Williamsport C&O Canal Club Inc. / WILLIAMSPORT, MD. / Member of Club / This Club was organized November 21, 2957 for the sole purpose of supporting the restoration of the C & O Canal - To be part of the Federal Park Service in perpetuity.
neckerchief Boyscout Neckerchief
This is a triangular yellow cloth neckerchief for the Boy Scouts of America. The picture is not to scale - it's about 40" wide and 20" tall. The circular part resembles the boyscout patch shown in the patches section. .
neckerchief_clip Boyscout Neckerchief-clip
This is a circular metal neckerchief clip for the Boy Scouts of America that says: "C&O CANAL HISTORICAL TRAIL B.S.A.".

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