C&O Canal Patches

This page contains various patches that mention the C&O Canal. Many of these seem to be from the Boy Scouts.

patch_09 This 1965 patch commemorates a bike trip that post 106 took in 1965.
patch_03 This 1967 patch seems to commemorate a Boy Scout camporee & Hike from 1967.
patch_02 This 1968 patch seems to commemorate a Camporee from May of 1968 in the Washington County district.
patch_01 This is actually 6 patches - a round one in the middle, and 5 bordering patches that go around it. It is a boy scout patch, so I would guess that the bordering patches may have been earned separately.
patch_04 This 1973 patch seems to commemorate something called "KAB III" from April 28, 1973.
patch_05 This patch was from the Williamsport MD C&O Canal days.
patch_06 This 1991 boyscout patch commemorates the FSK Spring Camporee from 1991.
patch_07 This patch is for the Western Terminus at Cumberland MD.
patch_08 This patch is for Billy Goat trail, which is located east of Great Falls.

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This page last updated on March 15, 2015.