C&O Canal Letters

This page contains items related to the Potomac Canal, which was the predicessor of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal.

1791_01c 1791 Potomack Canal Letter (part 1 of 3)

It's hard to tell where this letter starts and where it ends, but it has 3 sections that I've attempted to transcribe. It deals with a transfer of 1 share of the Potomac Canal Company in 1791. It has an embossed seal with a star-shaped piece of paper added on. The transfer seems to be from William and Kitty Hunter selling one share to Matthias Huizinga Messcenert of Philadelphia for 5 shillings.
This is my attempt to transcribe this portion of the letter (with question-marks where I couldn't make out what was written).
This indenture made this twenty sixth day of November in
the year of our Lord one thousand and Seven Hundred and ninety one
Between William Hunter and Christian his wife of the town 
of Alexandria and commonwealth of Virginia of the one part and
Mathew Huizinga Messcenert of the town and Commonwealth
aforesaid of the other part  Witnesseth that whereas the said
William Hunter is possessed of a certain share of the Potomack
Company and whereas it is Deemed Lawful for any person so
possessed to transfer the same agreeable to an act of assembly
of the Commonwealth of Virginia Establishing the said company
Now this Indenture witnesseth that the said William Hunter
and Christiana his wife for and in consideration of the sum of
Five Shillings to him in hand paid by the said Mathias
Huizinga Messcenert the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknow-
ledge Doth grant bargain sell and Transfer unto the said
Mathew Huizinga Messcenert one share of the Potomack Company
with all right and title and interest therin to have and to hold
the said share unto him the said Mathias Huizingga Messchent
his been Executive administration and afirms being ??? to
all charges and Demands which are now Due and may in future
be said upon on Demanded of the propriator of said share and in
all things he the said Mathias Huizinger Meschert his heirs Executors
administrators or asigns stand in the placde and line of the said
William Hunter agreeable to act of assembly in such case made
and provided in witness whereof we have ??? to set our hands and
affixed our ?? the date and our ??? above written ----
Signed Sealed and Delviivered
In the Presence of of ---
  Jn Hawkins                          Wm Hunter
  Jepe Simms                          Kitty Hunter
1791_01a 1791 Potomack Canal Letter (part 2 of 3)

This is my attempt to transcribe this portion of the letter.

Fairfax County ??
                     Personally appeared before us
John Potts Jr & George Gilpin Grant Justices of the peace for
the countay aforesaid.  John Hawkins & Zepe Simmons the ???
witnesses to the within instrument of writing and made oath
that they saw William Hunter & Kitty Hunter sign seal and
Deliver the same on there act offered given under our
Hands and seal that Fourth Day of May 1792 -------
                      George Gilpin
                      John Potts Jr

Fairfax ?
      I Peter Wagoner Clerk of Fairfax County
court do hereby certify that George Gilpin and
John Potts Jr, before whom the above affidavid
appears have been made was at the time of making the
same and now are two Justices of the peace in and for the
said county of Fairfax duly authorized & assigned and that
to all certificates by there so given due faith & credit is and
ought to be given thereto as will in Justice ? as
    In Testimony wherof I have hereinto sch? my hand
and Affixed my seal of the office this 15th day of May 1792
                                         P. Wagoner
1791_01b 1791 Potomack Canal Letter (part 3 of 3)

This is my attempt to transcribe this portion of the letter.

Corperation of Alexandria Lei? personally appeared before
us Jesse Taylor and Dennis Ramsey  ???. Justice 
of the peace for the corporation and appointed John 
Hawkins and Jesse Simms the ?? ??? witnesses to
the within ??? of writing who made oath that
they saw William Hunter and Kitty Hunter sign seal
and deliver the same and heard them acknowledge 
is to be their act and deed Given and in our 
and leave this eighth day of May 1792
				John Taylor 
				Dennis Ramsey 
1794_letter_01 1794 Letter/Envelope (part 1 of 2)

This is my attempt to transcribe this letter, with question-marks where I can't make out a word.
   Potowmack Company . . . . .  To John Smith . . . . . . . . . . . Dr
To an Additional wages allowed ine by the President of directors for the Company of two
oubnds Virginia Curr.y p month being from April 1, 1793 to April 1, 1794 L 24 and 0
                                Received the above June 7th 1794
                                                 John Smith
1794_letter_02 1794 Letter/Envelope (part 2 of 2)

This is what is written on the back of the above letter. It may have been folded up into a letter & mailed.
             No. 285
John Smith for Extra
wages L 24- paid ???
June 7, 1794

???? Aug 20 1794

  John ?????
  George Gilpin
Written on the side is:
Overseers ?? of Extra wages

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