This is my attempt to transcribe the diary of William Gaige Munson. Words that I had trouble reading and am unsure of are in italics.

Written on the inside cover:
W G Munson
Sutler 16th Reg Wisc Vol Inf

Thursday Jan 1, 1863

At La Grange Tenn. The old year went out & the new come in under circumstances of much excitement. The small force here were in line of battle nearly all night expecting an attack from Van Dorn. At 8AM started on cars for Moscow where I found my regt (16th Wis Inft). Ate breakfast with Adjt Sabin Mess - about 10 AM our Brigade Struck tents & marched west to Lafayette - distance 9 miles. Weather warm & roads dry.

Friday Jan 2, 1863

Struck Tents at 7 AM & moved 6 miles west to a point one mile north of Collierville. Two of our regt captured a Capt Price nephew of Genl Sterling Price who was here recruiting. This vicinity is supposed to be a rendezvous for a large Guerrilla force. The inhabitants are secessionists & they are much alarmed for their property & persons. Weather warm - cloudy towards night.

Saturday Jan 3, 1863

A heavy wind & some rain last night. At work on my books in forenoon. At 2 PM recd orders to march 3 miles east on Memphis RR to guard bridges. In passing a Planters house Doc Eastman & myself were strongly infortuned by a Lady to protect her & family from some Privates soldiers. We of course complied & remained until dark by which we were caught in a heavy rain & got very wet. The lady was Mrs Cap Price & the solders members of the 95 Ill who have a bad name for jay hawking.

Sunday Jan 4, 1863

Moved & fixed up tents this AM. Our camp is about midway between Lafayette & Collierville just 27 miles east of Memphis. Weather warm & silent. This is the 14th anniversary of my married life. Have written my wife to day but do not know when the mail can go. Communication has been cut off since the 19th Dec.

Monday Jan 5, 1863

In camp most of the day. Rode to Collierville & procured pass to go to Memphis of Col Deitzler 1st Kansas. Corud of Posh & our Brigade. Spent evening in Major Reynolds note-1 tent. Sabin & L.M Jones with us. Heavy wind & some rain in fore part of night. Have a good sleeping place in Adjt Sabias tent. We expect to stay here until spring.

Tuesday Jan 6, 1863

Posted Books in AM & at 9 AM rode to Collierville to take cars for Memphis. No train arrived from the east & we remained over night. Chaplain L.S. Livermore & L M Jones were with me. I slept with Brass Band Boys on a store floor. Andrews & Krebs have a store here. Weather warm & dry.

Wednesday Jan 7, 1863

At Collierville until 3 PM when we succeeded in getting on a freight train bound for Memphis, which place we reached at half past six PM. Johnson & Skinner of Adams express were aboard train. Recd a letter this morning before starting from Alma note-2 - Family all well.

Thursday Jan 8, 1863

In Memphis all day. Wrote Alma & put letter on board steamer “Bell Memphis”. Buy of Memphians 375 $ worth of goods & paid them $100. Stationery of Blelock paid. No train out to day & obliged to remain. It is rumored that our forces are falling back from Oxford. Tallahatchers & co this cars in use moving goods & cotton.

Friday Jan 9, 1863

No train to day & remained in Memphis. This was, and in some respects is yet a beautiful city & the numerous public buildings give evidence of great prosperity before the rebellion. Weather warm with light showers.

Saturday Jan 10, 1863

Started from Memphis this 9 AM. Could not get goods shipped. Arrived in Camp about 1 PM. Found our camp strangely fortified & an attack from Van Dorn looked for.

Sunday Jan 11, 1863

In camp. Hear my goods had arrived at Depot about same time recd orders to strike tents & move west on road to Memphis. So we are not to remain here as expected. Can not surmise where we are going. Some think to Kentucky some to Vicksburg & others to some other place. Did not get out of old camp until dark. West to Collierville & stopped for night. I slept with Brass Boys.

Monday Jan 12, 1863

On road to Memphis. Am sick to day. Very feverish results of a cold contracted last night sleeping in a house. Weather very fine. Regt marched 23 miles & encamped one mile east of town.

Tuesday Jan 13, 1863

In camp all day. A.F. Lamb of Waterloo called on me to day. We went to the city & he helped me post books until 2 AM Wednesday. A heavy snow storm as I am going to bed.

Wednesday Jan 14, 1863

In Memphis until near noon. Carried a camp stove to my tent. It is a wet cold dreary day. Almost sick but keep up as I expect the Paymaster to pay off soon. My horse & mule was stolen last night. Find the mule in 1st Kansas but not the horse.

Thursday Jan 15, 1863

In camp all day. Paymaster paid our regt for two months until 1st Sept. The men have not paid me much & their course is likely to embarrass me. Married men want to send their money home & the young ones are bound to spend theirs in the city. Weather quite windy.

Friday Jan 16, 1863

In camp all day. Snow & water on the ground. Makes it very disagreeable moving about. Collecting some on account but not much. Hear nothing from my horse.

Saturday Jan 17, 1863

In camp. Have collected $1300 note-3. Should have recd at least $4000. Recd a letter to day from Otto Moor.

Sunday Jan 18, 1863

Sunday & we have orders to strike tents & march to steamer Arago. Put my team and goods aboard when it was decided not to send the regt on her. Two Cos were put on the “Diligent” & 3 on the Superior. My man is on boat with team and I am on Diligent. Found my horse in the street this morning with a soldier on him. I got him. Wrote Alma a letter & sent it north by Sammy. Weather warm again.

Monday Jan 19, 1863

On board steamer Diligent. Recd a letter from Alma of the 6th. Family all well. Mrs Jas. K Hyde is dead Alma writes. Recd a letter from Titus note-4 saying father is at Camp Rouch. I ought to go north & am strongly inclined to but think I will go down with the fleet & return soon as my business is in better shape.

Tuesday Jan 20, 1863

Wrote Alma, Titus & Miles. About 1 PM our fleet started down the river. We had 14 boats consisting of Platevalley (flat ship) Jenny Deans, Mariah Denning, Diligent, Sunny Side, Superior, Minnehaha, Silver Moon, Arago, City of Madison, Genl Hill, St Louis, Mary Forsyth, & a Keakuk ferry boat. Tied up for night at Cypress Bend. About 50 miles from Memphis.

Wednesday Jan 21, 1863

Started down the river at daylight. Reached Helena at 1/2 past 10 AM. Stopped 3 hours & moved on again. At night tied boats to a landing called Lacony in Ark. Young Rogers of the band is supposed to have been drowned last night. We met nine boats loaded with troops going up the river. Weather pleasant.

Thursday Jan 22, 1863

Started down the river about sunrise. Passed Napoleon at mouth of Arkansas river. Princeton & other places. The land near the river is lower than the water & the country buck looks very low and wet. Have passed many large Plantations to day. Tied up at Carolina a landing on Mis Shore just north of LA State line.

Friday Jan 23, 1863

Started down early this morning. Passed quite a pretty village - Lake Providence - this AM. Reached the Vicksburg fleet near mouth of Yazoo river at 2 PM. There are here about 100 steamers & a number of Gun Boats. Our troops are at work opening a canal to get below Vicksburg & not pass the city. Weather fine.

Saturday Jan 24, 1863

Still on steamers. Wrote father & Alma to day. Rains & we cannot well disembark.

Sunday Jan 25, 1863

As usual on Sundays we recd orders to move on shore & put up our tents. I did not move to day. We have a fine camp. Heavy turf but too low for wet weather.

Monday Jan 26, 1863

Wrote Alma a letter this morning. At 10 AM with Brigade officers I went down the river to see Vicksburg & the Ditch of canal. Had a fine view of the city. The Ditch does not amount to much & cannot unless a change is made at the upper end. Very warm. Birds singing & spring coming.

Tuesday Jan 27, 1863

Put up our tent yesterday. At work all day writing orders for men to sign securing my pay of them against accidents.

Wednesday Jan 28, 1863

In tent at work as yesterday. Nothing important taking place.

Friday Jan 30, 1863

Still at work on orders & settling a/c. A mail recd by regt but none from Alma. I do not understand it there must be one on the road. Recd letters from A. M. Hanchett & Cyrus Allen.

Saturday Jan 31, 1863

Recd orders this AM to strike tents & get on board steamer “Cresent City”. We were all aboard Leaves & goods before noon but did not start till eve. E.P. Hill called on me just before night.

Sunday Feb 1, 1863

Moving up the Mis river in company with gun boat no 2. “Planet” and “Ella” with bal of our Brigade Destination unknown. 2 PM landed at Lake Providence LA & informed that we were to open a ditch from river to Lake. The Lake is about 100 feet from the river & 8 ft lower - it extends northly some six miles & an outlet running westerly connects it with Bayou Malore which is navigable & empties into Red river some 300 miles below.

Monday Feb 2, 1863

At Lake Providence. Did not put up tents to day but remained on board boat. Worked hard all day writing up orders. Col Deitzler & staff have been out exploring to day & brought in a fine lot of horses. Weather damp.

Tuesday Feb 3, 1863

I rode into the country to day. Adjt Sabin & Sergt Rowe with me. Around Lake Providence I found the most splendid improved Plantation I have ever seen. Altho many of the men were absent the appearance of the residence fine fields & the Lake were most beautiful. I contracted for a few bales of cotton but did not now as I can get it away. I shall not soon forget this days ride.

Wednesday Feb 4, 1863

In tent all day. A regular southern rain has been pouring down since morning. The ground around our tent & so it is covered with water. Sabin & I went on to the boat & stayed all night. He, Sabin, fell in the river getting aboard. Arranged with Col Deitzler to take charge of my cotton for me.

Thursday Feb 5, 1863

Cold & ground crusted with frost, comfortable in the camps. At 10 o’clock we learned the “Crecent City” would start immediately for Memphis. I wanted much to wait for an other mail as I have heard nothing from my dear ones since Jan 6th - but I got aboard boat & started north.

Friday Feb 6, 1863

On river. Passed Napoleon at 8 AM. Stoped at Helena in evening. The Meads & Major Green I learn are here but there was so much snow & mud I did not go on shore. Eruyriver for Holman

Saturday Feb 7, 1863

Paid fare up $10. Speculated on a bale of cotton & made $25. Arrived in Memphis at 10AM. Met Cooley, Williamson & Andrews here. Andrews is under arrest for stealing mules. Buy some goods of Mephain to be sent on Crecent City to Regt & paid them 75$. Started for Cairo 6PM. Paid fare 10$.

Sunday Feb 8, 1863

On river. Passed Madrid in PM & stopped at Island No 10 - had a good view of it.

Monday Feb 9, 1863

Reached Cairo at 4 AM. Collected of payments $118. Wrote letter to Alma. Telegraphed Otto Moor (1.00) Paid Bill 1.55. Paid fare to Springfield 8.00. Started north at 1 PM & reached Decatur at 7 PM & remained there until 12 PM.

Tuesday Feb 10, 1863

Paid fare from Springfield to Camp Point 3.50 which place I reached at 1 PM. Father & Byron note-5 are in Wis.

Wednesday Feb 11, 1863

Arrived at Chicago 6 AM after breakfast called on Otto & learned my great affliction - the death of my Boy note-6. Wrote Alma. Started for Milwaukee at 11 PM. Byron met me here.

Thursday Feb 12, 1863

Arrived in Milwaukee 6 AM. Found Col Allen note-7 at New Hall house called on Emeline & stayed all night with them.

Friday Feb 13, 1863

In Milwaukee. Met father at Emiline’s. Spent the evening with him & Col Allen at Emilines. Returned with Allen to Newhall & came near being burned of suffocated in my room - the house taking fire. Wrote Alma.

Saturday Feb 14, 1863

In Milwaukee until 1˝ PM when in company with father we went to Chicago where we arrived at 6 PM & put up with Otto.

Sunday Feb 15, 1863

In Chicago at Otto Moors. Finished letter to Alma and wrote Miles & Geo M Sabin. Visited most of the day with father.

Monday Feb 16, 1863

In Chicago. Spent forenoon in picking up clothes. Sutler Books &ct. Met Chas Warner at Otto’s Store. Warner & I agreed to go east together on Pittsburgh & Ft Wayne R Road but he did not meet me at Depot & Supposed he went an other route. I am sorry as I was desirous of sending word direct to Alma in relation to her coming west. I started for Washington at 6 PM paid fare $20.80 to Baltimore.

Tuesday Feb 17, 1863

On road to Washington had breakfast at Cristline (50c) Dinner at note-8 (50c) & Lun at Pittsburgh. Our train is behind time & we are making slow progress. Took sleeping car here (50c) two young ladies from Wheeling named Moore slept in berth below me.

Wednesday Feb 18, 1863

Found myself this morning in Mifflin Penn waiting for an eastern train. Had breakfast here (50c) & started for Harrisburg at 9AM. which place we reached about noon. Remained here until 5 PM when we started for Baltimore. Arrived in Baltimore at 10 PM & stopped for the night at Baronnous Hotel. Paid expenses ($1.00)

Thursday Feb 19, 1863

Started for Washington at 8 AM. Paid hotel Bill $1.50 & RR $1.50. Reached Washington at 10 AM. Put up at “Willards” but not getting a room I went to Metropolitan. recd a letter from Alma dated the 16th. My poor wife God alone can comfort her. Wrote Alma.

Friday Feb 20, 1863

In Washington. Have found none of the parties I came to see except Mr Indoe. He seems anxious to aid me. Discover that I lost my memorandum book of a/c against deceased & discharged soldiers. Have telegraphed to U.S. Hotel Harrisburg. I think it fell out of my pocket there.

Saturday Feb 21, 1863

In Washington. Have met here among old Vermont acquaintances - Ferguson - S.L. Slade, L.P.Bladgett - Bowdisto Ed Peck Also Geo Randall of Wis To day listened to an eloquent speach from Senator Wilson of Mass condemning peace democrats - Powel of Ky replied. I think Col Allens chances for promotions slim at present owing no part to curtailment by Senator.

Sunday Feb 22, 1863

In Washington. A very severe snow storm is raging & it is very lovely. I expect to go North to morrow night & meet my wife in Troy N.Y. Its a meeting I have looked forward to with much anticipated happiness but alas our Idol our Noble Boy will not be there and my heart throbs with pain instead of gladness.

Monday Feb 23, 1863

In Washington. Recd my memorandum book to day by express & commenced making out my accounts against Deceased & Discharged soldiers. Attended meeting of Senator & heard a speech from Wilson of Mass, Powel of KY & others. Weather cool.

Tuesday Feb 24, 1863


In Washington. At work on my accounts. Sen. Green agreed to meet me this PM but did not. Called on McIndoe this evening.

Wednesday Feb 25, 1863

In Washington. Could not find Green & in PM gave my accts to Clamfort for collection at 10 per cent. Made oath to my a/c. Started for N.York in eve. paid fare 8.25, sleeping car 75. Found Stillman White on train taking Wm Tracy home from Army Bill of Metropolitan 16.50

Thursday Feb 26, 1863

Arrived in New York at 8 AM, too late for train to day. Started for Troy at 11 AM & arrived there at 4 PM. found my wife at depot alone. Learn that Minnie note-10 has been sick & could not travel. We stopped at “Troy Hotel”.

Friday Feb 27, 1863

In Troy all day. My wife is with me.

Saturday Feb 28, 1863

In Troy with Alma ‘till noon. I left her standing in Depot. It seems like deserting her in her great trouble. I am very thankful for this meeting. God grant it may not be the last on earth. (On road all day for Chicago)

Sunday Mar 1, 1863

Visited Mary & Harold Brown & took dinner with them. Found father at Ottos & remained all night with him. Wrote Alma this morning.

Monday Mar 2, 1863

Started with father for Waterloo at 11 AM & arrived there at 8 PM. Did not stop in Milwaukee & do not know where Col Allen is. Found Miles & family quite as well as I expected. Snowed all day.

Tuesday Mar 3, 1863

In Waterloo. Father went with me to our house to the store into the Lodge room &ct. Learn Doc Rood is quite sick. Father started for Sunprarie this eve.

Wednesday Mar 4, 1863

In Waterloo. This is my 39th birth day. Took dinner at Waterloo house. D Souder landlord. Hy Whitney is here. Met Lt Winship & Hayzen they will not return to the Army. Met Doolittle Leonardion & Knapp at Lindsey & Johnson Office. Wrote Alma a letter. Am homesick at all the house I have but the loved ones are not here.

Thursday Mar 5, 1863

Started for Chicago but father not coming as expected. I stopped in Milwaukee with Emiline Smith. Col Allen not arrived yet. I wrote him a letter.

Friday Mar 6, 1863

In Milwaukee. Found Col Allen at Newhall house. Did my business with him & found father at Emilines. He decided not to go on to day so we went over to Henry Smiths & Col Allens.

Saturday Mar 7, 1863

In Milwaukee. Called on Andrew Mitchel with Col Allen & father & remained to dinner. At 2 PM started for Chicago where we arrived at 6 PM. Father went to Otto Moors & I stayed at the City Hotel. Learn that Doc Rood is dead.

Sunday Mar 8, 1863

In Chicago. Called on Otto in morning. Found Letters from Alma & Sanderson. Almas was sent from Brandon & I am much afraid she is sick & she was to have written from Bristol two day later & no letter comes. Wrote her a letter. Father started at 6 45 PM for Canada.

Monday Mar 9, 1863

In Chicago all day. No letter from home and I am almost crazy - do not know but I ought to go to Bristol. I know Alma has written if she could. Her letter may have gone to the Regt. Called on Frank Munson & a man that wanted a partner in book business. Did not offer to make a trade with him. Started for Camp Point 11 PM. fare to Galesburg 5.80

Tuesday Mar 10, 1863

In Galesburg Ill. at 7 AM. Next to Camp Point on Pass where I arrived at 11:30 AM. Found Byron & wife waiting to see me. They with Titus & family are well. Titus wants to go to the army. His wife does not want him to go. He will not go at present.

Wednesday Mar 11, 1863

In Camp Point until 11:30 AM. Started for Quincy where I got a board steamer Jennie Dean for St Louis. Paid fare .75, Dr.Landers Bill 1.00, Express .40, Tobacco 1.00, Sent Life Ins co 25.00 + 3 notes payable 27th of June, Sep, & Dec for 25$ each. Paid fare to St Louis 4.00

Thursday Mar 12, 1863

In St. Louis. Found letters from Winship, Miles, Sabin, Mead, M.J.Rood, Otto Moor + none from my wife. Wrote Alma, Col Allen & Otto. Called on Friney who is still anxious to work for me. Shall go to Cairo on Eve train. Train run off track 18 miles east of St. Louis. Engine buried itself in the dirt & it with baggage car some injured, no one seriously hurt. Laid over 6 hours + last central car to Cairo.

Friday Mar 13, 1863

At Centreville to breakfast. Arrived in Cairo at 3 PM. Found no letter or telegram from Bristol. Rec’d letter from Otto Moor date Feb 13. Wrote Alma a letter but did not send it.

Saturday Mar 14, 1863

In Cairo. Finished letter to Alma. Wrote to J.D. Waterbury, Troyely, & J.L. Pond. No letter or word from my family.

Sunday Mar 15, 1863

In Cairo. Started for Memphis on “Bell Memphis” at 7 AM. Baggage searched for contraband of war articles & in evening our persons were searched likewise. I lost nothing. Reading most of day.

Monday Mar 16, 1863

On river. Arrived at Memphis at 4 PM. Sodders & I stopped at “Gayose House”. Called on Mephoran & arranged for stock of goods. Learn that our Regiment is being paid to day.

Tuesday Mar 17, 1863

In Memphis. Bot. $8.43 goods & have some $300 in rations from St. Louis to take with me. Obtained permit to ship goods but had great difficulty in getting a pass for myself. Could get none for Sodders. Met Mr. J. Rood, Mart Hutchinson, J Lang, Lou Brown Smith, Mathew & others of the 11th Regt. Wrote Alma a letter. Boat started for Vicksburg sometime late in night.

Wednesday Mar 18, 1863

In Helena Ark. Saw Alf Lamb, Cap Hancock, Maj Green & H.M.Mead. Started down river at 8 AM. Passed Napoleon afternoon. Genl Wolcott note-11 & note-12 were aboard with sanitary goods for Wis troops.

Thursday Mar 19, 1863

Arrived at Lake Providence at 2 AM. Found Hanchett & got goods off. Nothing lost. Found no letter from home. Opened goods and worked hard all day. The “Canal” is a perfect success & the water is running into Lake but the outlet that connects with Byan Macon was not properly aligned & Steamers have not gone through. Recd a letter this eve from Alma. My family were well the 9th. I am very much relieved about them.

Friday Mar 20, 1863

In tent all day posting Books. Wrote Alma a letter. Trade good. Am trying to get a permit to pick a field of cotton near by.

Saturday Mar 21, 1863

Posting Books. Have obtained a promise for a contract to pick cotton, but am afraid our regiment is to be moved. Our divisions all left to day but our Brigade. Water in River falling but rising below canal & setting back from Lake. Very warm weather. Fruit trees in blossom. Flowers in great abundance.

Sunday Mar 22, 1863

In camp all day. Weather extremely warm. Sent an order and $500 cash to Mepham & Bro Memphis by Mr Hale Sutler. Obtained contract for picking cotton but find there is no gin near enough to make it pay. Have agreed to go up the river three miles & from there to head of Lake Providence to look at Grove Hoods Cotton with Mr Wakely.

Monday Mar 23, 1863

In camp arranging accounts until 2 PM when I went up river to Waglys. Remained over night. Was much pleased with the singing of the Plantation negroes who held a meeting in the evening. Mr Wakely did not come home.

Tuesday Mar 24, 1863

Mr Wagely arrived in morning but owing to the overflow of water we could not go to Hoods Plantation & I returned to camp. Worked in Tent remainder of day & in evening wrote Alma a letter. A mail in to day but none from my wife.

Wednesday Mar 25, 1863

Started with Boat, 4 soldiers Lt Rowe & a negro for upper end of Lake. Had a fine ride. Got thoroughly wet wading over plantation & getting to cotton Gin. Found a good chaur for picking cotton but will have to Boat it down the Lake to use it. Shall try & sign the contract.

Thursday Mar 26, 1863

See Wagely & reported what I found up the Lake. He gave me the contract but is arranging for provisions to feed the negroes. I was ordered by Genl McPherson to hold on until he see Mr Wagely. Wrote Father, Minerva Beech & Feeney this evening.

Friday Mar 27, 1863

In camp. My cotton contract all right. Have obtained Rations for the negroes, a flat Boat to carry the cotton & a guard to protect us. Will not start until tomorrow. It looks too much like rain. The prospect is Fair for me to make something. I have to pay all expenses of picking & preparing for market, give Govt 1/2 & the contractor Mr Wagely, 1/8 of mine.

Saturday Mar 28, 1863

Obtained a flat boat & started up the Lake on Cotton picking business. Set up Tent at head of Lake. Slept on ground. Crackers & & pork for supper. Heavy wind & rain in night & we all got up to keep our tent from blowing away. No sleep for any of us.

Sunday Mar 29, 1863

On hood Plantation. Move into negro quarters which is much better than tents. Obtained a Negress to cook.

Monday Mar 30, 1863

In Hood Plantation. Hauled cotton to Boat to go down Lake. Had 35 hands picking to day. Landed boat with about 6000 note-13 in seed cotton.

Tuesday Mar 31, 1863

Sent load cotton to Gin. I remained with Hands. A fine country but made desolate by the ravages of War. Boys returned in eve & we had a

good meal of fresh meat & corn bread. Recd a letter from Alma.

Wednesday Apr 1, 1863

Went down with load to Gin & was in camp a few minutes. Business good at Sutlers Shop. Wrote Alma a letter.

Thursday Apr 2, 1863

On Plantation. Visited Spencers place to day. Am near old River & did not know it. The battle of “Black River” was fought near where I slept.

Friday Apr 3, 1863

Went down with cotton & let Wes go to camp for money & news. Fine weather warm & dry. Peaches & figs getting large as lanu cherries.

Saturday Apr 4, 1863

All hands but D. Clark & Mike Traynor came down to day & remained down.

Settled with boatman for the week.

Sunday Apr 5, 1863

In camp all day. Wrote Alma a letter. Also one to Otto Moor.

Monday Apr 6, 1863

Went up to Hoods Plantation this PM. Settled with Spencer negroes in full. See Cunningham about getting another Plantation to pick. Am to see him again Thursday. Slept in negro quarters all night. Recd a letter from Alma dated 22 March. Col Allen arrived this AM.

Tuesday Apr 7, 1863

Loaded boat with seed cotton & came down to Sparrows Gin about 4 PM. Arrived in camp in evening. The Boys pressed some Mules for me to run Gin with.

Wednesday Apr 8, 1863

In camp most of day. Was over to Gin house a short time. Am not feeling well. Feel billious. Weather warm. Wrote Alma a letter & directed to Bristol & another to Harriet Brown Chicago. Wrote Titus also.

Thursday Apr 9, 1863

In camp most of the day. Recd a letter from Alma to day dated march 29 & learn she has been very sick. Am sick myself to day. Bowels badly out of order but no dysentery. Am Pressing my cotton to day. Adjt Genl Thomas is here & has annulled the cotton picking contract & threatens to confiscate the whole.

Friday Apr 10, 1863

In camp all day. Quite unwell but feeling better than yesterday. Cotton speculations looking pretty blue but Govt Agents think I will be saved all right & my friends Wagley & Kelsey feel certain that we will all come out right.

Saturday Apr 11, 1863

In camp in the morning. Went with Govt Agent McDuke to all the Plantations on the Lake. Had an interesting trip. Found a large amount of deserted property. Cotton, mules, horses, Cattle, Furniture, Pianos, Melodians &ct. Arrived in camp just in time to save getting wet. Had a heavy rain in eve. Health better. Govt Agent wants me to act as agent in looking after cotton.

Sunday Apr 12, 1863

In camp. Got Wes Fisher & M. Traynor with 12 contrabands detailed for hauling cotton on Flat boats. Went over to cotton Gin but did not remain only a few minutes. Wrote Alma a letter & sent it to Chicago.

Monday Apr 13, 1863

In camp most of day. Govt Agent Duke & myself spent part of day together. Rainy day & not much chance for getting about.

Tuesday Apr 14, 1863

Mr. Duke & myself started for upper end of Lake but owing to the high wind we put in to my Gin & returned to camp. Mr. Fields & Rev Liverman came to let Plantations offer me good inducements to go into a job. Weather quite cool.

Wednesday Apr 15, 1863

Brought my mules (4) over from Gin this morning & also my Gray mare. Went over Lake in afternoon & found cotton Press broken. Hauled 29 bales to lake & hope to get through by friday. Weather warm. A great many loaded boats are continually passing us for Vicksburg & we soon expect a battle. Wrote Alma a letter.

Thursday Apr 16, 1863

In camp most of day. Col Allen and myself went over to the cotton gin on the Sparrow Plantation. Press broken and men not at work. Recd Almas letter of date Apr 1st. She has been very sick. I must meet her at Camp Point soon as possible to arrange my business. Heavy firing at Vicksburg all night.

Friday Apr 17, 1863

In camp AM. Books all posted for pay-day. Went over to Gin & got my cotton over to this side of the Lake. 43 bales in all 22 for US & 21 for myself. Wrote Alma this eve & sent to Chicago.

Saturday Apr 18, 1863

In camp all day. Paymaster paid this regiment (16th Wis) for 4 months. The Boys with few exceptions are paying me very well.

Sunday Apr 19, 1863

In camp all day.

Monday Apr 20, 1863

In camp collecting accounts. Weather warm. Most of McPherson Army corps (17th) are now moved down the river and he is ordered below.

Tuesday Apr 21, 1863

In camp all day. Recd a letter from Alma & much alarmed about her. Letter dated 7th sust. I am afraid her lungs will not get healthy. Shall go north soon as I can arrange my business. Wrote Alma a letter. Also one to Otto Moor to inform me at Cairo what he might know about Alma.

Wednesday Apr 22, 1863

In camp. Bought $14.70 of goods from a Sutler going home & expect more from Memphis in care of Kribbs.

Thursday Apr 23, 1863

In camp part of day & at Wilton Plantation fifteen miles below here on west side of river.

Friday Apr 24, 1863

Started on “Odd Fellow” for Wilton Plantation this AM. Found commissioners Liverman & Strickler. Genl McArthur came down on way to join Grant & called at Wiltons. Commissioners promised to aid me in getting contract to save Govt cotton. Returned to camp this PM. Weather warm.

Saturday Apr 25, 1863

Shipped my 21 bales cotton & two horses north this morning on the “Gnabraus” Hanchett has gone to Memphis with them. Col Deitzler & Wagley on same Boat. Aboard Steamer “Pattire” for Milwaukee bend.

Sunday Apr 26, 1863

At Millikens bend this morning. Comr Fields has gone below Vicksburg to Carthinge to see Genls Grant and Thomas. Met friend G.R. Shultz who has taken a Plantation. Started up the river about noon. Found a deserted home with three Pianos, one melodian, a large library & some very fine furniture on the east side of River. Some of it was taken aboard boat.

Monday Apr 27, 1863

At Wilton place. Have about made up my mind to take the Goodrich place & Store two miles belew here. Mr. Borden offers to furnish the money necessary & give me one half.

Tuesday Apr 28, 1863

All day at Wilton Place. Could get no chance to ride back to camp. Weather very beautiful.

Wednesday Apr 29, 1863

Started in morning for Providence on horse back where I arrived at 2 PM. On my way up I called on Judge Dent who has taken the Tibbets Plantation. Find Major Reynolds is trying to injure me here by reporting that I shipped cotton not belonging to me & my horse is without a permit - All of which is untrue.

Thursday Apr 30, 1863

In Providence all day. Reynolds taking negro testimony in regard to my cotton picking. All right! I am content if he will get the facts & report them. The major this eve committed a gross outrage on a lame negro girl by taking her Trunk away to prevent her from going north with me because he wants her himself. I reported him to Genl Reid.

Friday May 1, 1863

Started this morning at 5 o’clock for Memphis & the north on the S.B. Platte Valley. Passed Greenville about noon & Napoleon in eve. Laid at mouth of White river over night. Paid fare $12.00

Saturday May 2, 1863

On river. Arrived at Helena Ark about 2 PM. Had a very satisfactory interview with Maj Genl B.M. Prentice. Arrived in Memphis sometime in night.

Sunday May 3, 1863

In Memphis. Found Hanchett and went with him to private boarding house. Learn my horses have gone on to St Louis in care of friend Genl Deitzler. Cotton here but held by Govt Officials. Weather warm.

Monday May 4, 1863

In Memphis Tenn. Have seen Wagley & other parties interested in the cotton contract. No great encouragement for an immediate release of it. Had a private interview with the Hon J.H. Yeatman U.S. Treas Agt & think I will get my cotton soon and a good contract for more.

Tuesday May 5, 1863

In Memphis. A great change in the weather - quite cold to day. A.F. Lamb is here. Also Nichols of Watertown Wis. No change in cotton matters. Am very anxious to hear from Alma.

Wednesday May 6, 1863

In Memphis. Mr. Yeatman has promised to release my cotton in the morning. Have submitted a proposition in writing to get all the Govt cotton in Carroll Parish LA. baled cotton for 1/7 & seed cotton for 1/5.

Thursday May 7, 1863

My cotton is released and I have sold it to Capt Cutler for $170 per bale. Rec for it $3100. Wagley took 4 bales as per centage for his contract and I paid $235 freight & cartage. He should return me $44 at expense on his 4 bales. Was one half hour too late in closing business to get on board boat for St. Louis.

Friday May 8, 1863

In Memphis till noon. Paid W.G. Mephane $818.00 in full of a/c to date. Also Mumford his $192- which pays all my debts in Memphis. In PM started north on steamer “ellary E Forsyth”. Some fifteen fancy women aboard banished by Military orders.

Saturday May 9, 1863

On Steamer “Forsyth” passed Island no 10 at 3 o’clock PM. Columbus 8 PM, & arrived at Cairo 10˝ PM. note-14 Stopped at St Charles Hotel. No letters for me here.

Sunday May 10, 1863

In Cairo all day. Paid D. Hurd $440 in full of a/c. Found letter from Otto Moor at Post office dated May 1st. Alma had not yet arrived in Chicago. Hope she has ere this time but am afraid her health is bad. Wrote Otto to write me at Camp Point. Took cars at 2 PM for St. Louis.

Monday May 11, 1863

Remained overnight at note-15 - arrived in St. Louis at 9 AM & put up at Planters Hotel. No letters for me here. Found horses all right. Paid Mepham Br $600 & Smoke & Kayser $400. It being anniversary day of the taking of Fort Jackson - all the stores were closed & no business done. A fine military display.

Tuesday May 12, 1863

In St. Louis. Find my horses all right & shall take them with me to Camp Point. Left orders for goods arranged with Feeney to clerk for me this summer & at 4 o’clock PM started on Steamer “Warsaw” for Quincy. Paid for Horses $6.00 to Quincy. Self $4.00.

Wednesday May 13, 1863

Arrived at Quincy at 2 PM. Got harness rigged to horse & hitched to Buggy about 3 PM when I started for Camp Point where I arrived at 8 PM. Was much disappointed in not finding Alma and the Girls here. Alma must be unable to travel. Do not know what to do.

Thursday May 14, 1863

In Camp Point. Sent telegram to Miss H.W. Brown enquiring for family. Recd answer that “my wife was in Bristol Vermont till - Decided to go on to Chicago & took cars at 6 PM for that City. Titus & family & Byron & wife seem to be doing well & are in good health.

Friday May 15, 1863

In Chicago. Find Alma is better and from a letter written by her & one by Bersher Scott that she is undecided when to come west & is probably in Brandon. Sent telegram to L.C. Scott “I am waiting for my family - go to Bristol & start there Monday morning. If unable to come telegraph me what to do.”

Saturday May 16, 1863

In Chicago. Weather cool. Met Brunning to day. Spent evening with Otto Moor & family. Stayed over night at H.M.Browns. Luke Brown is here. Lonesome waiting. Write Miles yesterday to bring my mare to Chicago.

Sunday May 17, 1863

Attended Doc Pattons Church forenoon with Luke & Harriet Brown. After dinner went to Ottos house & spent some hours with Aunt Susan. Returned to Browns in eve. Weather quite cool.

Monday May 18, 1863

In Chicago. Recd telegram from Scott that Alma would be here on Wednesday. Attended theater in evening with Brunning.

Tuesday May 19, 1863

In Chicago. Brother Miles come from Waterloo to see me. Gave him $60. Hanchett objected to sending the mare & he came without her.

Wednesday May 20, 1863

My wife & daughters arrived this morning. Alma much fatigued but looking better than I expected. Minnie has not fully recovered from her sickness in Feb. Sarah is looking well and has improved much since I last see her.

Thursday May 21, 1863

In Chicago. Alma & I went out shopping a short time. Sully Gaige Uncle Williams youngest son is here at work for Ross. Spent afternoon with Miles & my family at Otto Moors.

Friday May 22, 1863

In Chicago. Gabe Hanchett came up from my Regt yesterday night. Settle with him & paid him 225$. Made a trade with Whipple for AM Hanchett for $2400 worth of Jewelry in exchange for Luaross farm mortgage Bond. Miles returned home this morning.

Saturday May 23, 1863

In Chicago. Hanchett went home to day. Selected Hanchett jewelry for him.

Sunday May 24, 1863

In Chicago. Did not attend church. The girls & I went to see a funeral procession. Started this evening for Camp Point. Paid $19.00

Monday May 25, 1863

In Camp Point. Arrived here at 9 o’clock AM. Titus has arranged for us to board with Mrs. Welling at 25% per month.

May Sunday 25 1884

note-16 To day is the last day of my “teens” - John Munson, Saint Paul Minn

Tuesday May 26, 1863

In Camp Point. Titus & I rode to Mr Peirces. My brown horse, was always so trusty is quite unsafe to drive in a buggy. Moved in to Mrs. Willings house to day. Bro Noble come over from Keokuk this eve. 4 brothers together for the first time since 1853.

Wednesday May 27, 1863

Started for Quincy on way to St. Louis. Alma, Byron & wife, Titus’ wife & Noble with me. Alma desponding and sorry she left Vermont. Started at 2 PM for St Louis Alone.

Thursday May 28, 1863

In St. Louis. Stopped at “Planters” Met Chappel, Cooley & Mead from Watertown. Feeney has about concluded not to go with me to the regt. Found Tomlinson here. He is much better & wants to return to regt.

Friday May 29, 1863

In St Louis. Made arrangements to day with Recd Bowler to go to the Regt with me. Bought my goods to day.

Saturday May 30, 1863

In St. Louis. Jo Swope has agreed to go down the river with me and go into the cotton business &ct.

Sunday May 31, 1863

In St. Louis. Spent the afternoon with Messers Swope brothers at their house. Wrote Alma a letter in evening.

Monday Jun 1, 1863

In St. Louis. Goods all purchased and ready to start for the Army. Do not know when we can get a boat.

Tuesday Jun 2, 1863

In St. Louis. No boat going down river to be had yet. Started for Camp Point in eve. On Alton & Chicago RR arrived in Springfield at 9˝ PM. Have agreed to meet Swope & Bowler at Cairo.

Wednesday Jun 3, 1863

In Camp Point about 9 AM. Surprised my family and friends as they did not look for me.

Thursday Jun 4, 1863

In Camp Point. My family will probably go to Chicago & remain during my absence.

Friday Jun 5, 1863

In Camp Point. Sarah quite sick with Billious Typhoid fever. Called Doc to see her. Set up with her all night.

Saturday Jun 6, 1863

In Camp Point. Sarah quite sick. Hope to break the fever to day. Recd a telegram from Bowler that he started yesterday on “Eva” with goods for below. I telegraphed him at Memphis to go on without me.

Sunday Jun 7, 1863

In Camp Point. Sarah better. Bro Byron & wife started for Ohio this evening.

Monday Jun 8, 1863

Sarah being out of danger as we think. I started at 6 AM for Cairo. Reached Centralia at 9 PM. I ought to have gone by Decatur.

Tuesday Jun 9, 1863

In Cairo where I remained all day on board steamer “Commercial” ready to go down the river. Wrote Titus a letter.

Wednesday Jun 10, 1863

Started for Memphis at 11 AM. On river all day. Passed Island no 10 before night.

Thursday Jun 11, 1863

In Memphis. Arrived about 10 o”clock AM. Find Swope & Bowler left for Lake Providence on Tuesday last. Kreebs, Andrews partner is here on his way home. All quiet at the Regt. Some fears however of a Raid from the Confederates. Stayed on board Commercial.

Friday Jun 12, 1863

Started at 4 AM down the river. Stopped at Helena about three hours. See Genl Prentice on leave but did not speak to him. I left Mrs note-17 letter with an officer for her husband. The 51st R. Penn Vol inft & 2nd Penn Battery on board same boat Commercial.

Saturday Jun 13, 1863

Stopped last night at Napoleon a few hours, but started at 3 o’clock AM. At Granville Miss 3 Gun Boats joined and accompanied us down the river making 16 boats in all. Passed Lake Providence at 5 PM. Our Boat did not land and I was obliged to go down to Vicksburg. Pretty annoying, but I can stand it.

Sunday Jun 14, 1863

Our boat lies near the Vicksburg canal in full view of the city and of 8 mortar boats. The mortars have been throwing shell all day. Just before dark the boat moved up to Youngs Point for coal and orders. The troops disembarked at Sherman’s Landing. I set up till after 12 o’clock night witnessing the “Shells” in their course through the air.

Monday Jun 15, 1863

In Youngs Point until 10 AM when we started up the river in company with the Steamer “Rocket”. Wrote Alma a letter and sent it to Chicago. We arrived at Lake Providence at 5 PM. Found Bowler here getting ready to go after more goods. Slept at Col Allen’s head Qrts. Lt. Col Fairchild here.

Tuesday Jun 16, 1863

At Lake Providence. Commenced boarding with Col Allen & Doc Turner. Bowler started in afternoon for St. Louis with $1700. Weather warmer than in Ill but not so much difference as I had expected. Bowler took invoice of Stock on the 11th day of June.

Wednesday Jun 17, 1863

At camp posting and arranging my accounts to time of Bowlers comming. Recd a letter from my wife & wrote her in evening. My poor wife is deeply afflicted her health is broken my girls are not well & I ought to be with them.

Thursday Jun 18, 1863

In camp. Lake Providence working at my books. We have Black & Dew berries in abundance. Peaches are not quite ripe enough to eat. Rec’d a letter from Adjt Sabin who is with McArthur in rear of Vicksburg.

Friday Jun 19, 1863

In camp at Providence. My health is very good. A.F. Lamb arrived this AM from Memphis & was put under arrest by orders from Head Quarters below. Charged with being a spy. A number of cotton operators are here.

Saturday Jun 20, 1863

In camp & at Cols room all day. Wrote a letter to Sabin & one to Col Yeatman. About noon the cotton men on Old river came in with their teams reporting the Confederates in large force advancing upon this Post. Some excitement as we have no artillery to defend ourselves with. A big cotton scare I guess as our scouts can find no enemy.

Sunday Jun 21, 1863

The report of the cotton men yesterday was made by seeing some of our scouts who were in advance looking for Mules. The Chaplain was here this morning and wanted me to come down to the Harris place soon as I could make some money in cotton he thought. Wrote Alma a letter.

Monday Jun 22, 1863

Cyrus Allen & I went to the Goodrich landing to day. See com’s Fields & Livermore who said that the Harris Cotton was abandoned to the government. I did not go down to see the cotton but returned to Lake Providence in evening. See Mr. Ayres

Tuesday Jun 23, 1863

At Lake Providence all day. At work on my accounts all day. Mr Ayre promises to give me a cotton contract under Revernce aid Patterson who is soon expected here.

Wednesday Jun 24, 1863

At Lake Providence. Very warm. Wrote Alma a letter. Ayres does not give me any permit to deal in cotton & wishes me to wait until the return of Patterson. At work at my books.

Thursday Jun 25, 1863

At Lake Providence. At work in tent and on books.

Friday Jun 26, 1863

At Lake Providence. Recd from Ayres a writing in relation to abandoned cotton & he went north. Weather warm and dry. Much sickness here among the troops.

Saturday Jun 27, 1863

At Lake Providence. C Allen & I started down the river for the Harris place some 25 miles below here. We stopped at the Tibbats Plantation. At Goodrichs we had dinner & arrived at Harris in company with young Livermore, about sundown. Ate supper here and remained over night. This is a very fine plantation.

Sunday Jun 28, 1863

At Harris at breakfast. Come up to Goodrich’s to dinner where I remained until 4 PM when I started for Lake Providence. Stopped at Tibbats 6 PM. Arrived at the Lake at 1/2 past eight. Found the friends all right. See a wild turkey on the road.

P.S. Lt Thompson was wounded the 29th near where I see the turkey & it seems we have the Reb parties coming out.

Monday Jun 29, 1863

At Lake Providence. About 8 AM we discovered a number of fires in the direction of Goodrich’s Landing & soon learned that a large force of confederates were marching towards us & burning everything in their path belonging to U.S. Govt Plantations. At 1 PM we heard their cannons and soon after houses were on fire in sight of us. Our troops were ordered out & I put my things on to the Boat and Leave. We have no cannon & things looked a little blue. About 4 PM 2 gun boats, 2 batteries, some cavalry & the 25 R.W.V came to our support & the confeds retreated Liuet of 1st Kansas was killed & a few wounded. Recd a letter from Alma dated the 17th today.

Tuesday Jun 30, 1863

At Lake Providence. The enemy are reported just below here & are still burning. Our forces went out to look after them but there was no engagement & the troops returned about 1 PM. Many of the officers think they might have been captured had proper efforts been made last night. Liut Thompson 1st Kansas was wounded yesterday. Cy Allen & I had a narrow escape from a bad scrape by coming home Sunday night. Weather warm. Wrote Alma today.

Wednesday Jul 1, 1863

At Lake Providence LA. The Army paymaster is here & our regiment have been paid. Wrote Alma to day & not yesterday. Very busy collecting accounts. Most of the men are paying that are here. Many are absent on extra service. Many are sick in hospital. The weather is warm & I am getting anxious for Bowlers return & my own departure north.

Thursday Jul 2, 1863

At Lake Providence. Collecting and settling accounts with numbers of the 16th Regt. Lamb is here under arrest yet.

Friday Jul 3, 1863

At Lake Providence. Steamer Thos. J Patton brought me according to contract, 75 Bales of cotton from Harris Plantation On which I paid $710 to Denhuns + $25 to Capt Smith. Recd of Pattison + co 350$. In order to obtain a contract for all business I went on board steamer Pattric to Goodrich Landing. Weather hot.

Saturday Jul 4, 1863

This morning found my self at Youngs Point in sight of Vicksburgh. Was informed by Admiral Porter that Pemberton had surrendered to Grant. He sent our boat with orders to Goodrich Landing & I remained on Boat. A very quiet 4th of July but was glad to know Vicksburgh had fallen with out further loss of life.

Sunday Jul 5, 1863

At 8 o’clock AM we landed at Vicksburgh & I immediately went into the city. I find some very fine residences here but the place is smaller than I thought it. Visited a number of the caves in which families hid themselves while the town was bombarded. Many houses were much injured. The troops were starved out.

Monday Jul 6, 1863

To day I have been over our & the confederate out works, a distance of some six miles. Saturc had made it a very strong position. The rebel works were not as strong as I expected to find them with the exception of McPherson’s Army our troops are already after Johnson. The rebel soldiers are much more numerous here than the federals.

Tuesday Jul 7, 1863

In Vicksburgh all day. Called on some of the citizens. Most of them are satisfied to cry quits & come into the old union again. Some of the Ladies talk secesh strong enough. Messrs Pattison + Ayres came here to day + I think I can make a good cotton contract with them.

Wednesday Jul 8, 1863

Went on Boat to Goodrich’s Landing to day. Weather very warm. Arranged with Cap W.R. Smith to help me in getting cotton with his Boat if I get a contract. Wrote Alma a letter to day.

Thursday Jul 9, 1863

Come to Lake Providence to day on Steamer “Ruth”. Judge Dent was taken by the Confederate troops + carried west of Bayou Macon at 4 AM with all the negroes they could catch. Found Books at Sutlers tent not very well. Trade good.

Friday Jul 10, 1863

Settled and arranged my business to start north on first boat. My cotton contract is to be decided at Memphis by Mr Pattison & Mr Yeatman. No Boat sch & Bowler, Souders Webb & myself slept on Commissary Boat in order to be on board & ready to go up the river.

Saturday Jul 11, 1863

Remained on Boat most of the day to get passage north but no opportunity offering me remained on board Boat again to night. Cy Allen went on Boat to Vicksburgh for me to night. Recd news of Meads victory in Penn in night.

Sunday Jul 12, 1863

At 5 AM the steamer Jos Perry took us aboard & to day we are steaming up the Miss river not knowing but at any moment we may be fired into by the enemy. 7 PM We are on dangerous ground but have escaped thus far. Learned of Col on Grants staff that Port Hudson is ours.

Monday Jul 13, 1863

Left White river about 5 AM and arrived at Helena about 3 PM. We run aground some time into the night & did not reach Memphis. Genl Prentis has gone home to Quincy Ill

Tuesday Jul 14, 1863

In Memphis at daylight. Mr. Pattison’s wife died last night. Mr Yeatman is in Ohio & I could make no arrangement for my cotton contract this fall. Col McCarty promised to attend to it. Charly made some promises & I think it will be all right. Pattison paid me $360. They still owe me $710 on the Harris cotton. Started for Cairo on Bell Memphis at 5 PM.

Wednesday Jul 15, 1863

On Steamer Belle Memphis. Arrived at Cairo 7 PM. Called on Capt D Hurd. Stayed at St Charles Hotel.

Thursday Jul 16, 1863

Left Cairo this morning and arrived in St Louis about noon. Found Bowler and arranged for goods. Bought some clothing for self. Stopped at Planters Hotel.

Friday Jul 17, 1863

Started for Chicago at 6 o’clock AM and arrived at 1/2 past 7 in eve. Expected to have found Alma & the children here but learn they have gone to Wisconsin and they are not very well. Stayed with Miss H.W.Brown.

Saturday Jul 18, 1863

Started for Waterloo at 9 AM via Milwaukee and arrived in evening. Found my family at Brother Miles Bradly note-18 in not very good health.

Sunday Jul 19, 1863

Attended McIntyre Church.

Monday Jul 20, 1863

In Waterloo.

Tuesday Jul 21, 1863 through Saturday Aug 15, 1863


Sunday Aug 16, 1863

In Waterloo. Wrote Barlow in reference to Alma & the children coming to Vermont to spend the winter.

Monday Aug 17, 1863

In Waterloo. Traded my place off to O.L. Ray. Weather dry & warm.

Tuesday Aug 18, 1863

In Waterloo. My testimony was taken in case of Ludington & Co against “Union Store”. Made arrangements to go out to Madison

Wednesday Aug 19, 1863 through Tuesday Aug 25, 1863


Wednesday Aug 26, 1863

In St. Louis. Drew 500$ from Bowles which leaves due me from the company 1800$ beside my share of profits since June 12. Started for Springfield Ill at 4 PM. Mr. Ayres met me at Depot in Springfield & took me home with him.

Thursday Aug 27, 1863

In Springfield with Mr Ayres. I like the peace very much, especially the state house ground. Started for Chicago about noon where I arrived at 7 1/2 PM. Stayed at Miss Browns.

Friday Aug 28, 1863

In Chicago. Met Aunt Mahala & spent Eve with her at cousin Ottos. Otto & I went down to Race in afternoon. Aunt Roxy still harps about my debts troubling Uncle YBY. I ought to tell her it is not true but do not like to make trouble between her & uncle.

Saturday Aug 29, 1863

Started for Waterloo via North Western RR at 9 AM. Met a Miss Swain on train who is going to live with a Mr Willie in Chicago. She is a pretty smart girl but needs to be a little careful. Ate supper at H Pease’s in Watertown & arrived in Waterloo in eve. Family not very well.

Sunday Aug 30, 1863

In Waterloo. Wrote Jos Y Barlow & R Bowen. Attended Mr E. Channel in eve. Weather cool.

Monday Aug 31, 1863 through Friday Sep 18, 1863


Saturday Sep 19, 1863

At home.

Sunday Sep 20, 1863

At home in Mrs. Taylor house.

Monday Sep 21, 1863

At home. Agreed with Z. C. Lindsley for his farm east of the village at $1900.

Tuesday Sep 22, 1863

Started from Waterloo for St Louis this morning. Stopped at Smith in Milwaukee & settled my pump matters with him by paying $45 & am to return 12 single + 6 double drawers. Took night train for Chicago. Paid my Life Ins to day.

Wednesday Sep 23, 1863

In Chicago all day. Hanchett is here to make a trade with Whipple. He traded for 13000$ worth of goods. G.A. Collamer was here in the morning & I had quite a pleasant visit with him.

Thursday Sep 24, 1863

In Chicago. Hanchett left this morning. I left with Munson & Skinner my Harpers & Sartrius magazines to be bound. Bought a bill of good of Gordon for 16th Wis.

Friday Sep 25, 1863

In Chicago. Helped Whipple most of the day he gave me some dress goods & cotton clothes for my help in selling his stock to Hanchett. Worth probably about $80.

Saturday Sep 26, 1863

In Chicago. See to the sending of the goods I recd of Whipple and Sarah’s small Bureau to Waterloo.

Sunday Sep 27, 1863

In Chicago. Attended church with miss H.W. Brown & Mrs L.S.Brown. Called at Ottos Am som & met Aunt Roxy there. Started for St Louis 8 PM. Wrote Alma.

Monday Sep 28, 1863

Arrived in St Louis at noon. Stopped at Planters House D. Sonders here. My butter business with Hanchett has paid expenses of my family this summer. It is not all sold yet but it is higher.

Tuesday Sep 29, 1863

In St Louis. Bowlers family is sick and he does not think it advisable to hurry back as the Army are out of money and we have Hanchett there to look after matters for us.

Tuesday Sep 30, 1863

In St Louis. McCartney has let me have $2000 to invest in Butter & I am going back to Wisconsin after it. Think I will surprise Alma equal to some of the Military surprise.

Thursday Oct 1, 1863

Left Chicago in morning for Waterloo via Milwaukee. Sent Cy Allen with $500 to Iowa to buy Butter & gave Cannon to buy in Milwaukee. Arrived in Waterloo 9 PM & surprised my wife & children who thought me in Dixie-land. They were afraid to let me in the house.

Friday Oct 2, 1863

I left Chicago this day instead of yesterday. On the 1st I started from St Louis. Went to Columbia & bought some butter. Left Treyna to buy for me. Arrived home in time for supper.

Saturday Oct 3, 1863

Drove to Columbus Very rainy all day. Miles & I called on Abner Clark & talked of buying his farm. Sarah went to SS Ride to Milwaukee.

Sunday Oct 4, 1863

At house all day with my wife & children.

Monday Oct 5, 1863

Drove note-22 to Columbus.

Tuesday Oct 6, 1863

At home.

Wednesday Oct 7, 1863

Started for St Louis. Met Cannon in Milwaukee. Settled Butter a/c & left in his hand $33. Ody Trayner met me. Settled his Butter a/c & sent my butter for 0. Started for Chicago at 12 Midnight.

Thursday Oct 8, 1863

In Chicago. Met W.H.Clark & A M Hanchett at Whipples. Took Tea with Miss Brown & started for Keokuk 8 PM. Telegraphed Bowler about going to Keokuk. Wrote Alma.

Friday Oct 9, 1863

Arrived in Keokuk at 11 AM. Did not Noble at home. Found Carrie and remained all day. Noble came home at night. Find I cannot get away from here until Sunday afternoon.

Saturday Oct 10, 1863

In Keokuk. Wrote Alma.

Sunday Oct 11, 1863

In Keokuk. Attended Church with Noble & Carrie in forenoon. Started for Springfield at 3 PM. Noble gave me a pass to Clayton. I met Byron & Mary at Clayton a few minutes. Arrived at Springfield at 11 PM

Monday Oct 12, 1863

Started from Springfield for St. Louis at 6 AM, where I arrived about noon. Found Bowler & family better but Bowler not quite ready to start for the regiment. My butter has not arrived yet. Find two letters from Cy Allen he has not bought any butter yet. Recd a letter from Col Allen & wrote strein book. Went to see Mazeppa played by Kate Fisher.

Tuesday Oct 13, 1863

In St Louis all day. Bought our goods and will start for Regt tomorrow. Accompanied Mr & Mrs Bowler to St Louis theater in eve. Sent Sarah & Minnie some hats & itubens by express to Alma. Wrote Alma to day.

Wednesday Oct 14, 1863

Started for Cairo at 6 AM where we arrived at 3 PM. Found E.L. Roys at Odin Ill. Called on D Hurd in eve. Engaged passage for Memphis on Steamer Diadan & slept on her.

Thursday Oct 15, 1863

On Steamer Diadun. Stopped at Columbus Ky and so long at Hickman that we were oblige to remain over night. Took on a large number of Hogs & Cattle for Memphis. Weather warm.

Friday Oct 16, 1863

On Steamer Diadun. Get on very slow. Boat mooring so much and stopping for freight. Night so dark we did not run but anchored in the river.

Saturday Oct 17, 1863

On Steamer Diadun. Making slow headway. We ought to run down in twenty 4 hours from Cairo to Memphis but we are on the 3rd day & shall not reach port before the morrow. Rainy & cold.

Sunday Oct 18, 1863

On Steamer Diadun. Reached Memphis at 5 PM, but it rained and I remained on board over night. Wrote Alma.

Monday Oct 19, 1863

In Memphis. Mr. Yeatman Treas Agent is east. His acting agent has assured me to day that within 10 days I shall have a permit from the Treas Dept to buy cotton &ct

Tuesday Oct 20, 1863

In Memphis Tenn. Settled with A.S. Andrews & gave him Draft on Sam McCarney for $190. & book recd pd in full. Shall go to Helena north Border & return to Chicago soon as possible. Wrote Alma to day to meet me there next Wednesday week. Started for Helena on “War Eagle” with Barge in tow.

Wednesday Oct 21, 1863

Arrived in Helena about 10 AM & while making a landing our Barge was snagged and sank. The goods on her will be saved but in a damaged condition. Hired a Row boat to put me on shore & return. Called on the 25th Wis and Mr Bowler was selected as Sutler.

Thursday Oct 22, 1863

In Helena. I could not get north to day the regular Boats have been delayed. Learn that the Steamer “Miss” was burned yesterday above here. Bowler has his Sutler commission from the 25th Wis & we a part of our goods were on the sunken Barge. Paid out .75

Friday Oct 23, 1863

In Helena. Steamer War Eagle still here. The Caps turned our goods over to us for benefit of his Co. I helped get them into tent & examined them. The loss will not be heavy. Roys on the War Eagle started for Vicksburg about 3 PM. I started for Memphis at 7 PM. Paid passage $5.00, Porter &ct 1.00

Saturday Oct 24, 1863

On steamer Adriatic between Helena & Memphis. Arrived at Memphis about 2 PM. Bought $65.25 in goods for Bowler &co & sent by express. Met Sonders, Nelson, Patterson & Foster. Ayers & Col M Cast are absent but expected any day. Mrs Lorrey was here with the Dochons he is dead. Started at 6 PM for Cairo paid fare & expense here 11.00

Sunday Oct 25, 1863

On board Steamer Liberty No 2 between Fort Pillow and Cairo. Wrote Brother Byron and W.P.Green of Watertown to work for Bowler &co at Helena Sutler 25th Regt Wis Vol. Arrived in Cairo in night. Remained on board boat.

Monday Oct 26, 1863

In Cairo. Telegraphed Noble & Alma to meet me in Chicago. Paid $2.65. Paid Expenses in Cairo 1.00. Started for Chicago at 1:40 PM. Paid fare 12.75. Met Ayres & wife at St Charles Hotel arranged to meet him in Helena soon as I can return. Paid 50c for Tea.

Tuesday Oct 27, 1863

In Chicago. Great opening day of S.W. Sanitary Fair. Could do no business so I made a Holliday of it. Went to race course in afternoon & see Patchen and Henry Clay trot. At 6 PM was at Car to meet Alma. Was much disappointed in not finding her. Met Phil Carples from Waterloo. Hotel Expenses 1.00

Wednesday Oct 28, 1863

In Chicago all day. Called on Otto Moor. Cannot arrange for my cotton business owing to the absence of Whipple. Alma did not come & I have concluded to go to Watertown & Arrange with Pritchard & Clark see my family & return Saturday. Expenses $1.50

Thursday Oct 29, 1863

Started for Watertown at 9 AM. Reached Wat- at 2 PM. Started my business to Clark. Met Pease & A.M. Hanchett. Went to Waterloo in evening found Alma & the girls pretty well. Paid faire 4.55. Expenses 1.00

Friday Oct 30, 1863

At home in Waterloo all day. Vanslyk sent for Mr _____ who come to see me in afternoon. He will start for Memphis two weeks from next Monday. Rainy & roads muddy.

Saturday Oct 31, 1863

In Waterloo until 3 PM when I started for Chicago. On arriving at Watertown found I could not go to Chicago until Sunday eve. I returned to Waterloo much to the surprise of my wife & children. I think Pritchard & Clark will furnish me with money to buy cotton. Expenses 1.60

Sunday Nov 1, 1863

In Waterloo all day. Attended church in AM. Visited with my family. They will go to VT in about four weeks. Sarah will make a beautiful woman - I would prefer that she was more like her Mother & less like me in some things.

Monday Nov 2, 1863

Started from Waterloo for Chicago. Met Clark at Watertown who promised to go to Memphis with me if I would wait until Wednesday and insisted upon my doing so. I telegraphed to Bowler & to Whipple 3.30. Returned to Waterloo in eve. Expenses 1.60. Gave my family another surprise.

Tuesday Nov 3, 1863

In Waterloo all day. Election day and for a wonder it is fine weather. Had a visit with Conklin in afternoon at his office.

Wednesday Nov 4, 1863

Started for the south again this morning. Pr. Pritchard had decided to go with me but owing to urgent business could not come to day but will follow soon. Arrived in Chicago in eve. Fare 4.55. expenses 50. L S Brown arrived from below this eve with Lis R

Thursday Nov 5, 1863

In Chicago. Hired J M Gordon to work for us in 25th Regt Wis Inft. Sent telegraph to Pritchard 85 cts. Paid 50 c to Sanitary Fair. Met Aunt Susan who said Father had gone to Canada. Wrote Alma and at 10 PM started for Cairo. Paid fare 12.75. Wrote Noble in relation to Sutlerships in control of Col Pyle.

Friday Nov 6, 1863

On Ill central RR. Had breakfast at Odin and arrived in Cairo at 6 PM. Found letter at Hurds from Alma dated the 25th Oct. Wrote her and R Bowler. The goods I bought on my way up were still here but on board Steamer Ewing ready to start. Bowler is still below. Went on board Steamer Liberty No 2 which started for Memphis sometime in night. Paid passage $10.00

Saturday Nov 7, 1863

On Steamer Liberty No 2. Found myself at Hickman KY on getting up this morning where we took on board Hays Cattle & grain. We made slow progress to day stopping some five times & taking on freight. At Tipton we took on cattle, hogs, corn, potatoes, Lake fish, partridges, ducks, wild geese, venison & coon. It must be a fine place for sporting.

Sunday Nov 8, 1863

On Miss River aboard steamer Liberty in forenoon. Arrived in Memphis before dinner. Doc Turner, E.B.Roy and D Sonders met me at the landing. Put up at Gayosi house. Roys brought me $234 on old accts & 14.50 for M&B he reports that business is better than Brown thought for and no particular trouble with Major Reynolds.

Monday Nov 9, 1863

In Memphis. Roys brought me a letter from my wife that was sent to the Regt. Wrote Alma to day. Recd letter from Ayres at Helena. Mr Yeatman can not give me the papers I want until the arrival of Mr Mellen Treas Agent. Roys could not get down to Helena & so remains here.

Tuesday Nov 10, 1863

At Memphis. Left Gayosi house after breakfast. Paid bill $8.50 and went to board with Mrs Prime. My friend Plummer boards at same place. Mr Yeatman asked me to day for a statement of the cotton I got out at Lake Providence last spring for Govt.

Wednesday Nov 11, 1863

In Memphis. Called on Judson and wrote statement for Yeatman in Judsons office. Mr Yeatman requested a private interview when he can get an hours leisure time. Wrote Alma to day. Slept with Roys at Gayosi.

Thursday Nov 12, 1863

In Memphis. Called on Mr Yeatman but he is so crowded that he requested me to work another day. C.A. Montros is here and advises me to go to Bolivar County without waiting for further permits. Montros is Treas Agent at Vicksburg. Wrote Alma to day.

Friday Nov 13, 1863

At Memphis. Mr Ayres arrived from Bolivar Co to day and says if I can get a permit to take some supplies to Bolivar Co I can make all the money I want in picking or buying cotton. Recd a letter from Alma to day dated last Sunday. Wrote Alma

Saturday Nov 14, 1863

At Memphis. Mr Yeatman has requested me to meet him at his office tomorrow afternoon. Capt Wheeler & Monroe Lt Siefert & others of the 16th passed through here this PM for Wisconsin to recruit the Regt They report Hanchett doing well for me.

Sunday Nov 15, 1863

At Memphis. I met Bowler this morning went with him to Mr Yeatmans who gave no trade permit for Helena. Bowler started for St Louis in afternoon. Wrote Alma a letter & sent by him. Remained in house most of the day.

Monday Nov 16, 1863

At Memphis. Bought goods of Sam DeBow Lord &ct & Hoppie Wolf &ct & after getting permit & pass for Helena sent Bowlers Suttler com by Express to S. M. Lecartney &ct. Visited Webster Hospital with Plummer in evening. Paid C Reynold to I.A. Williamson to bal account. $17.00 and accepted order payable as DHurd for $100 to pay Benson

Tuesday Nov 17, 1863

At Memphis. Succeeded in getting goods on to Steamer Thos E. Tritt for Helena. Attended Horse & Mule sale to day but did not buy. An order has been issued by Genl Hulbert Conscripting all able bodied men in this district. Great excitement over it here. Went to circus with Plummer. Wrote Alma. Sent Mr M Doner Madison 266$ to pay notes to Andrews.

Wednesday Nov 18, 1863

On board Steamer Thos E. Tritt for Helena. Find Onail Schaffer Mike Ryan, Seifert & three other 16th men on their way to the Regt. Also a large number for the 25th. Wrote a letter to Hanchett by mail. Also one to Sabin did not arrive at Helena until after dark and remained all night on boat.

Thursday Nov 19, 1863

In Helena. Got goods to 25th Wis. Find the boys have a very good Shop. Bowler is already unpopular with his Regt. He cannot adapt himself to trade with soldiers. Wrote Alma a letter. Also Courine A W Brown. Weather warm and flowers in bloom.

Friday Nov 20, 1863

In Helena with 25th Wis. It is pay day for this Regt. Wrote Seifert and Lothrop to send money to Bradley. Trade very good. Rains to day & pretty muddy. The Rats annoyed me last night so I could not sleep.

Saturday Nov 21, 1863

In Helena. Collecting accounts against Regt. Trade good.

Sunday Nov 22, 1863

In Helena. Kept shop open in morning. Closed most of the day. J.M. Gordon reached no yesterday and is to take charge of the business for $100 per Month.

Monday Nov 23, 1863

In Helena in forenoon. At noon went on board Steamer Bertha with Ed Roys and started for Memphis. Boat terribly crowded and obliged to sleep on floor with some 30 others.

Tuesday Nov 24, 1863

In Memphis. Ate breakfast at Wisc Princes. Roys & I attended Govt sale of Horses & mules and bought 29 at a cost of $509. I also bought a hay filly of Judson for 70$. All of which Ed & Sonders started for Wis this afternoon. Wrote Alma & Miles.

Wednesday Nov 25, 1863

In Memphis. Had an interview with Col Yeatman & was requested by him to remain a few days to make certain statements in writing +ct.

Thursday Nov 26, 1863

In Memphis. Sow & Plummer very friendly. Shall make my home with them. Weather quite cool. Bowler arrived to day with a large stock. Only remained a few hours & went on to Helena. I wrote him a letter about Management & such by mail boat.

Friday Nov 27, 1863

In Memphis. Treas agent Miller here and am waiting for something to “turn up”. Wrote Alma.

Saturday Nov 28, 1863

In Memphis. Recd two letters from Alma to day and wrote her in return. Weather cool but very pleasant.

Sunday Nov 29, 1863

In Memphis. Plummer & I walked out to the college in forenoon. Remained in law office & read in afternoon. Intended to have written Sarah but the chimney smokes so badly in my room that I cannot have a fire.

Monday Nov 30, 1863

In Memphis all day. Col Yeatman offered me a permit to buy cotton at Little Rock but I concluded I must go to Vicksburg. He gave me some instructions how to proceed in shipping cotton. Requested me to call Tuesday eve & he would examine my report & claims.

Tuesday Dec 1, 1863

In Memphis. Attended sale in forenoon but did not buy. Stock sold low. Met Yeatman & Montrose in Eve & made some arrangements should I concluded to go to Natchez. Weather warm.

Wednesday Dec 2, 1863

In Memphis all day. Made a claim against cotton from Harris place (shipped on Saline Augt 2) for 710$ Made a statement of facts by that I paid $710 to Duncan & over 280 for Steamer unloading &c. Yeatman thinks the claim good. Started at 4 PM for Helena on Steamer “Bertha”

Thursday Dec 3, 1863

In Helena. Trade good in ship have taken $1900 in eleven days. Bowler uneasy about his standing with regt. Stayed at Commeral Hotel with Bowler. Weather warm

Friday Dec 4, 1863

In Helena. Selected stock of goods for 16th to day but could not get a boat. Wrote Alma & Bro Titus.

Saturday Dec 5, 1863

In Helena all day. Bowler left on Bertha for St Louis at 4 PM. Steamer “Roe” came down at 10 PM & I got my goods aboard after about 12 midnight. Slept on boat.

Sunday Dec 6, 1863

Started for Vicksburg on “Roe” at 6 am. Read all day. Passed Napoleon about 3 PM.

Monday Dec 7, 1863

On board steamer Row. Passed Lake Providence about 6 AM. At Goodrich Landing 9 AM & arrived at Vicksburg 2 PM. Could not find Sabin or Genl McArthur at home. Could not find where Hanchett stored our goods and called on Charley Baldwin who got me storage with a Mr Bannon. Warm - raining in the night. Wrote Alma a letter.

Tuesday Dec 8, 1863

In Vicksburg. Found Sabin’s office and put up with him. Ate dinner with Genl McArthur. Find Krebs has been trying to get my Suttlership from me and has represented that Bowler is the Sutter & has succeeded in obtaining a majority of the officers to sign a petition for his appointment in case I do not return &c. Mr Perrin from Harris Lauding La is here after Andrews for stealing cotton. Wrote Alma.

Wednesday Dec 9, 1863

Went to Camp Red bone in morning. The boys of the Regt were highly pleased to see me. Hanchett was almost overjoyed. I wanted to see the major but his wife having arrived in town he went down to meet her. The 6th have a beautiful camp - fine water &c. Hanchett has done nobly in the business but has had much to contend against.

Thursday Dec 10, 1863

In Camp all day. Sabin came out and inspected the regiment to day. I spent most of the day in looking over my old a/c with Hanchett - visiting with the boys, &c. The weather is delightful. Birds singing and all nature more like May than December. This is a very rough, poor country. Timber mostly “Magnolia”

Friday Dec 11, 1863

In forenoon rode into Vicksburg with Sabin. Hanchett & some of the officers came in with him. We sent out a part of our goods and Hanchett returned with them. I remained to see Col Fairchild & to send more goods by steamer tomorrow. Met Col Fairchild & Cap Davis in evening the Suttlership is all right if I choose to keep it.

Saturday Dec 12, 1863

In town all day. Sent Hanchett bal- of the goods except Potatoes & cabbage. Wrote Alma a letter and sent her 100$ by express. Sent Hanchett a load of Apples and 4 bbls oranges. Wrote a letter to Congressman Sloan for Col Fairchild also wrote to Bowler. Genl McArthur gave me a permit to bring wine and ale to this post.

Sunday Dec 13, 1863

In Vicksburg. Wanted to go to camp this morning but it rained very hard. Wrote Alma advising her of the money sent by express. In afternoon I rode out to the regiment alone. Warm and birds singing. Roads pretty muddy.

Monday Dec 14, 1863

In camp all day. Settled with Johnson Suttler of 2nd Wis Cav. Sold him some 900$ worth of goods. Weather pleasant.

Tuesday Dec 15, 1863

In camp all day. Major Reynolds appears very friendly - His wife daughter & little boy are here. Very rainy and high winds - A heavy thunder storm nearly all night.

Wednesday Dec 16, 1863

In camp all day. Redbone creek very high - looks as large as Rock River. Yesterday there was no water running in the bed of the river. Thunder storm again in evening. Trade very good.

Thursday Dec 17, 1863

In camp all day. Weather has changed and it is quite cold. Made a trade with a negroe who owns 56 bales of cotton to Ship it for him to Memphis and sell it. Major Reynolds with 40 men went out to night to capture 2 Bbl Pork - He returned with a Buggy.

Friday Dec 18, 1863

In camp in morning. At 8 AM started for Vicksburg with Hanchett. Arrived in time to eat dinner with Sabin. Met Mr Perrill and Mr Wheadon at Washington Hotel. Recd a letter from Alma dated the 1st Dec also one from Bowler and Ed Roys. Sabin was robbed during my absence of nearly 400$. Weather cool.

Saturday Dec 19, 1863

In Vicksburg all day. Recd all the necessary permits for getting out the 56 Bales of cotton. Weather cool but pleasant.

Sunday Dec 20, 1863

In Vicksburg all day. Spent the day in reading at Sabins room. Dined at Genl McArthur head quarters. Wrote Alma a letter.

Monday Dec 21, 1863

In Vicksburg. Think I will apply for a Plantation to Cultivate an other year of U.S. Govt. Weather warmer and much like spring.

Tuesday Dec 22, 1863

In Vicksburg all day with Sabin. Hanchett sent me 271 dollars to day. I am anxious to start for home but the cotton I am waiting for does not come in yet.

Wednesday Dec 23, 1863

In Vicksburg all day. 15 bales of cotton came in to day & Genl McPherson’s Scout claimed it as Govt Cotton. I hold it however. Wrote Barlow a letter advising him to go into the Plantation business. Weather warm.

Thursday Dec 24, 1863

In Vicksburg all day. Wrote Alma a letter. Rode with Adjt Sabin around the new fortifications here and to Genl Chambers Head Quarters. Fire works all over the city. A new thing to me for Christmas.

Friday Dec 25, 1863

This is Sarah’s birth day and I would like much to be at home. A lady whose room adjoins Sabins sent us before we were up a quantity of egg nog. I rode to camp with Col Fairchild & partook of a Regimental Dinner with the officers & their ladies. Returned to town in evening. It is quite warm. So warm that I did not need an overcoat for my ride of 25 miles in the country. Everybody drunk I meet. Spent the eve alone. Fire works this eve.

Saturday Dec 26, 1863

In Vicksburg all day. Hanchett came in to day but no more cotton comes. He has taken Sabins house and is going to see Rapler and learn the reasons. I applied for the Helen Johnson Plt to day on Deer Creek near Shipenwiths Landing.

Sunday Dec 27, 1863

In Vicksburg at Sabins Room all day. Have lost my Suttler appointment and can form no idea where it is. Have been reading all day. Weather warm and rainy. Wrote Alma a letter.

Monday Dec 28, 1863

In Vicksburg. Am very impatient to start for home but the cotton I have a permit for does not come in. I have sent to Lake Providence for creed & hope to arrange with him for another year and for his cotton on hand.

Tuesday Dec 29, 1863

In Vicksburg all day. No cotton - Hanchett came in to day & reports that maj E. has stolen the cotton I was expecting. He is feeling blue & dislikes my leaving him here alone with Major Reynolds. Weather warm & rainy.

Wednesday Dec 30, 1863

In Vicksburg all day. Elijah (Col) came in to day with Suttler Johnson & repots the Cotton Stolen by E. I cannot wait much longer & will start north soon as I can arrange my business. Rained all day.

Thursday Dec 31, 1863

In Vicksburg Mis. A very wet disagreeable day. Genl McArthur gave me permit to take my cotton up. Creed came over & I have made a very advantageous arrangement with him for 60 bales of cotton and for the next year. Sabin is decorating Genl McArthurs house for a “new years” party. I am spending the evening alone in his office. The wind blows cold outside & I am by a fire losing my Diary for 1863. I have bettered my worldly fortunes somewhat. have spent a small portion of the time with my family very pleasantly & part with old year with regret.


Richd Bowler StLouis
W.F. Bradley Forbestown Col
S.R Smith Elizaville KY
I.M Gordon Chicago Ill
L.S.S. Pond Padushu Smithfield KY
Miss Hariett Brown 2798 P.O.Box Chicago Ill





Note 1. Thomas Reynolds was a Major in he 16th Wisconsin Infantry, according to the book “Civil War Regiments from Wisconsin” by Jerome A. Watrous

Note 2. Alma Augusta Bradley (1826-1879) was William Gaige Munson’s wife, my Great-Great-Grandmother

Note 3. This might say $13.00, not $1300

Note 4. Titus was William Gaige Munson’s brother

Note 5. Byron was another of William Gaige Munson’s brothers

Note 6. Whoa - his son died? My genealogy records show this son was Bradley Munson (b:11/28/1859, d:1/28/1863)

Note 7. Benjamin Alien was a Colonel in the 16th Wisconsin Infantry according to the book “Civil War Regiments from Wisconsin” by Jerome A. Watrous. Did that book get the spelling wrong, or did William Gaige Munson misspell “Alien” as “Allen“?

Note 8. It looks like he deliberately left a blank spot here. Maybe he couldn’t remember the name of the place where he got the 50-cent dinner from?

Note 9. There is some confusion about the entries from Feb 24 through Feb 28. He seems to have scratched off the dates as if it was one day off for those 5 pages.

Note 10. Minnie might be a nickname of his daughter Mary Eloise Munson.

Note 11. E.B. Wolcott is listed as a surgeon-general in the book “Civil War Regiments from Wisconsin” by Jerome A. Watrous

Note 12. There is a blank space here. Maybe he couldn’t remember the man’s name and intended to fill it in later?

Note 13. Not sure if this says 600 or 6000.

Note 14. Did people really refer to 10:30 PM as 10˝ PM back then?

Note 15. There is a blank space here, so maybe he couldn’t remember the name of the place and intended to go back and fill it in?

Note 16. It appears that William Gaige Munson’s son John made this entry on the day before his 20th birthday.

Note 17. This is another blank spot where it looks like he intended to fill in the persons name but never did

NOte 18. William’s wife Alma had a brother named Jonathan Miles Bradley, and since Alma’s father was also named Jonathan, it seems logical that this guy went by the name “Miles”.

Note 19. There were no entries for the period of Tue July 21 through Sat Aug 15.

Note 20. There were no entries for the period of Wed Aug 19 through Tue Aug 25.

Note 21. There were no entries for the period of Mon Aug 31 through Fri Sep 18.

Note 22. Not sure what he means by "drove". They didn’t have cars back then, so does this mean he took a horse-drawn carriage?