John T. Cole

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  John T. Cole, 209 King St., Alexandria VA [1881,83,87 City Directories]
  J. T. Cole, 824 King St., Alexandria VA [1888 City Directory]

The 1880 census says that John T. Cole was a 22 year old druggist in Alexandria, born in Viriginia.


cole_01 book # 88 (in medicines section)
Clear 3.6" bottle embossed:
vertical slugplate: JNO. T. COLE & CO / DRUGGISTS / ALEXANDRIA, VA.
base: W T & Co / *
cole_03 book # 87 (in medicines section)
Clear 5.2" bottle embossed:
horizontal: JNO. T. COLE & CO / DRUGGISTS / (mortar & pestle) / ALEXANDRIA / VA.
base: PAT JUN 17 88 / S.B.
cole_04 book # (unlisted)
Clear 3.6" bottle embossed:
horizontal: JOHN T. COLE / DRUGGISTS / (mortar & pestle) / ALEXANDRIA / VA.

Other items:
cole_02 I don't know if this was the same building at 209 King Street that housed John T. Cole's drug store, but it's in the same location. The address numbers on King Street have changed, but according to a Sanborn map from 1885, this location (modern day 907 King Street) was numbered 209 King Street. Photo was taken June 2012.

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