Nottoway Drug Co

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Nottoway Drug Co, Blackstone VA

(more information will be added when I get around to researching this drug store)


nottoway_01 (enlarge) Clear 7" bottle (actually it's more like a test-tube) with label:
label: NOTTOWAY DRUG CO. / BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA / ( "PURITY AND ACCURACY" in a red shield) / For Mr. ??? / No. 101349-MI Dr. White / Tablet 3 times a day after / meals 2 hours dissolved in glass / of water. 2/23/35

Other items:
This is a ruler from the Nottoway Drug Company. It is marked:
front left: Quality Druggs at prices that / are right
front middle: Nottoway Drug Company / Blackstone, Virginia
front right: You get the best at our store / Make our store your store
rear left: NR TO_NIGHT / Tomorrow Alright / The All Vegetable Laxative
rear middle: Name___ / Class____ / Address___
rear right: TUMS For A FUSSY TUMMY / Relieves Acid Indigestion - Heartburn
nottoway_02 (enlarge)

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