Taylor's Pharmacy / Everly's Pharmacy

Company Names, addresses, dates: 1
  Taylor's Pharmacy, Fairfax VA (c.1927-1934)
  Everly's Pharmacy, Fairfax VA (1934-c.1964)

Ernest Robey sold his drugstore to T. Ramsey Taylor, of Norfolk in 19271.
In 1934, Taylors Pharmacy became Everly's Pharmacy1. Everly's advertisements are listed in newspapers until 1964. Dr. F.M. Everly's pharmacy was part of the Rexall chain of drug stores .


taylor_01 Clear 4.5" bottle with label:
label: (skull & crossbones) / POISON / BE CAREFUL / ... TAYLOR'S PHARMACY / FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA
everly_01 Amber 3" screw-top bottle with label:
label: POISON / (skull & crossbones) / CAUTION! / TINCTURE IODINE / ... EVERLY'S PHARMACY / The Rexall Store / FAIRFAX, VA.

1 Various ads & articles in Fairfax Newspapers (Fairfax Independent, Fairfax Herald, Fairfax City Times, and the Herndon Observer)

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