R.H. Stratton / J.H. Stratton

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  R.H. Stratton, Gordonsville VA (1866-1900)2
  R.H. Stratton Sons, Gordonsville VA (c.1900-c1912)
  J.H. Stratton, Gordonsville VA (c.1913-1930+)


Richard Henry Stratton was born in Staunton VA on February 13, 1844, and died on September 29, 19031.
In 1960-61, we worked as a drug store employee in Charlottesville, VA. Then the civil war hit, and Stratton enlisted as a private (at age 18). He served in field hospitals in 1861-62. He became a POW, was transferred to Old Capitol Prison in Washington DC, then was exchanged on 6/30/18632.
Postwar he was a druggist in Gordonsville from 1866 to 19002. He was the president of the Virginia Pharmaceutical Association in 1889-905.
The 1900 census listed his 3 sons occupations as follows:
  Edgar Stratton, age 25, occupation: drug desk
  Linsey? Stratton, age 23, occupation: drug clerk
  Joseph H. Stratton, age 19, occupation: drug clerk
Also, the drugstore in Gordonsville was listed in a 1911 directory as "R.H. Stratton Sons". So I suspect that when Richard H. Stratton retired later that year, some or all of his 3 sons took over the drugstore.

Joseph Haywood Stratton was born Jul 23, 1880, and died Sep 13, 19413.
Joseph was the youngest of the 3 sons listed as working at their father's drugstore in the 1900 census. In 1904 he became a registered pharmacist4.
I don't know at what point he took over the pharmacy in Gordonsville. I found a 1911 directory entry that called it "R.H. Stratton Sons", and a 1913 directory entry that called it "J.H. Stratton", so somewhere in that time range Joseph took over the business.
An ad in the Nov 6, 1930 Richmond Times Dispatch (p.5) lists J.H.Stratton's drug store in Gordonsville as one of the stores in the chain of Rexall drug stores.
Newspaper articles in 1930 & 1931 refer to J.H.Stratton as the Mayor of Gordonsville6. I could not determine if he gave up his drug store business to be Mayor, of if he managed to do both.


stratton_01 Clear 3.8" bottle embossed:
horizontal: R.H. STRATTON / DRUGGIST / (mortar & pestle) / GORDONSVILLE / VA.
base: W. T. & Co. / H
stratton_02 Clear 4.2" bottle embossed:

Other Items:
stratton_03 This is a 3/4" tall by 2x1" cardboard box with a partial label on top. The label says:

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