L.H. Ott

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  L.H. Ott, Harrisonburg VA
  L.H. Ott & Sons, Harrisonburg VA

The "L" stood for "Luthor"1.
Page 117 of the book: "Images of America Harrisonburg" by Scott Hamilton Suter & Cheryl Lyon has a photo that shows L.H. Ott's drug store in the 1920s on Main Street. The bottom of the sign outside the drugstore says "The Rexall Store" at the bottom2.
(more information will be added when I get around to researching this druggist)


ott_01 Clear (sun colored amythest) 3.5" bottle embossed:
horizontal: L.H.OTT / DRUGGIST / (mortar & pestle) / HARRISONBURG / VA
ott_02 Clear 6.5" bottle (similar to the bottle above except for the size and the location of the mortar & pestle), embossed::
horizontal: L.H.OTT / (mortar & pestle) / DRUGGIST / HARRISONBURG / VA
base: B B & CO / PAT'D
ott_03 These are clear 4.3" and 3.7" bottles embossed:
vertical in script: L.H. Ott & Son
base (left bottle): PAT JUN 17 88 / A / S B
base (right bottle): PAT JUN 17 88 / S B

Other Items:
ott_04 This is a 3" x 1.75" x 1" cardboard box. It says:
label on box: THE L.H. Ott Drug Co. / Pharmacists / ESTABLISHED 1856 / HARRISONBURG, VA. (logo with LHOCO)
Hand written: No. 61762a Date 1.6.04 / Take as directed / Mrs. Morris Dr. J.C.T.

1 Page 5 of this document
2 Book: "Images of America Harrisonburg" by Scott Hamilton Suter & Cheryl Lyon

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