Purcell & Littlejohn

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Purcell & Littlejohn, Leesburg VA (1900-????) 1
  Littlejohn's Drugs Soda, 7 North King Street, Leesburg VA (????-196?)1

Dr. Horace C. "Hobby" Littlejohn (b. 1884, d. 1965) was a Leesburg pharmacist for 61 years. He began as a clerk at the Mott & Purcell Pharmacy, and later became the owner and proprietor of Purcell & Littlejohn1.
Littlejohn was president of the Virginia Pharmacists Association in 19152.


purcell_06 Cobalt-blue 8.0" bottle embossed:
horizontal: PURCELL & LITTLEJOHN / PHARMACISTS / (P&L monogram) / LEESBURG / VA.
base: C L G CO / 3
purcell_02 These are clear bottles embossed the same as above. They are 5.25" (4 oz), 4.75" (3 oz) and 4.25" (2 oz). They are embossed:
base on 5.25" bottle: WT&CO / BC / USA
base on 4.75" bottle: WT&CO / AF / USA
base on 4.25" bottle: WT&CO / AT / USA
purcell_01 These are clear 3.5" (1 oz) and 2.75" (1/2 oz) bottles, embossed:
base on 3.5" bottle: WT&CO / AD / USA
purcell_08 This is a 7.3" amber machine-made bottle with a cork & some dried-up original contents in it. It has a label that says:
label: Purcell & Littlejohn / DRUGGISTS / OPP. COURT HOUSE, LEESBURG, VA. / ...

Other stuff:
purcell_07 This is a clear, 2.2" dose glass. I can't tell if it's painted or etched, but in either case it's marked:
vertical: PURCELL & LITTLEJOHN / DRUGGISTS / LEESBURG, - VA. / Opposite Court House
also: Gradations for 4 TABLE spoons, 8 TEA spoons, and 1 WINE GLASS
embossed on base: H A
purcell_03 This is a photo (taken 22-August-2009) of what I beleive was the building that housed Purcell & Littlejohn's Pharmacy. Washington Post articles say the pharmacy was across from the courthouse, and this is indeed one of the buildings across from the courthouse. I further narrowed it down to this building by looking at an old photo hanging in the Loudon County Museum in downtown Leesburg.
purcell_05 Further proof that the photo above is the correct building:
This postcard shows a sign on about the 4th building on the left that says "LITTLE JOHNS / DRUGS / SODA".
The card is postmarked 1950.

1Book: "Images of America Leesburg" by Mary Fishback
2The Virginia Pharmacy Association's web site.

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