McCrum Drug Co

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  J.T. McCrum & Son, Lexington VA
  McCrum Drug Co, Lexington VA

This web site describes James Thaddeus McCrum (b. 1834, d. 1897) as having owned McCrum's Drug Store in 1860, located in the Barclay Building on Main Street. It claims that said drug store continued in operation on Main Street for over 100 years.

JT McCrum & Sons Bottles:

mccrum_04 Clear 4.5" bottle embossed:
vertical: J.T. McCrum & Sons / DRUGGISTS / LEXINGTON, VA.
base: W T & CO / D / U S A
mccrum_03 Clear 3.5" bottle embossed:
vertical: J.T. McCrum & Son / LEXINGTON, VA.
base: PAT JUN 17 88 / ???

Other McCrum Bottles:
mccrum_01 These bottles are all embossed the same. Their heights/sizes are, from left to right: 5.5" (4 oz), 5.2" (3 oz), 4.4" (2 oz), and 3.7" (1 oz). They are embossed:
horizontal: 3iv (or 3iii, or 3ii, or 3i)
vertical: McCrum's / (McCRUM DRUG CO) / LEXINGTON, VA.
base (leftmost): WT&CO/ U /USA
base (2nd from left): WT&CO / E / USA
base (3rd from left): WT&CO / R / USA
base (rightmost): WT&CO / USA
mccrum_05 Clear 5.7" (4 oz) bottle embossed:
horizontal: 3iv
vertical in script: The McCrum / Pharmacy
base: W T Co
This bottle does not say "Lexington" on it, but I suspect it's from the same McCrum drug company in Lexington as the rest of the bottles on this page.
mccrum_07 Clear 2.1" bottle with cork & original contents. It is un-embossed, but it has a label:
label (right-side): DOSE: 1 OR 2 PILLS
label (left-side): Each pill contains: Cascarin, 1-4 gr.; Aloin, 1-4 gr.; Podophllum resin, 1-6 gr.; Ext. Belladonna leaves, 1-8 gr.; Strychnine sulphate, 10-60 gr.; Oleoresin Ginger, 1-8 gr.

Other Items:
mccrum_06 This post card was published by the McCrum Drug Co. Based on the primitive cars and the horses in the background, I would guess it's from about 1910. Written on the curb below the building on the right is "Mc Crum's", so I presume that means the building on the right was McCrum's drug store.
mccrum_08 This is another postcard that depicts McCrum's drug store. It looks to be slightly newer than the one above, probably about 1920s. While there are similarities, I think this is a different building than the one in the postcard above as this one has 2 stories and the one above has 3.

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