Mallan's Drug Store

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Mallan's Drug Store, Lynchburg VA (1891-1911+)

The bottle below does not say "Lynchburg" on it.
But the "Pharmacutical Record & Weekly Market Review" from 1891 said: "Lynchburg - E.M. Mallan has purchaged the drug store of R.S. Walker, located on Diamond Hill".
Also, the 1911 edition of "The Era Druggist" lists:
    Mallan, E.M., 1501 Main
from Lynchburg VA. In addition, the 1889 Volume X edition of "Meyer Brother Druggist" listed "E.M. Mallan of Lynchburg" as being on the board of Pharmacy of Virginia.
So I can't say for certain that the bottle below is from Lynchburg, but I can say that Lynchburg did indeed have a druggist name "Mallan".


mallan_01 This is a clear 5.8" bottle embossed:
vertical: MALLAN's / DRUG / STORE
base: C L G CO

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