C.P. Kearfott & Son

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  C.P. Kearfott & Son, Martinsville VA

Clarence P. Kearfott (b. June 1855 in Missouri) is listed in the US Census1.
In 1880, he was living in Georgetown, Washington DC, as a boarder with Charles Becker. Both Becker & Kearfott were listed as "apothecary" as their occupations. There are bottles embossed with "CHAS. BECKER GEORGETOWN DC"2, so it would appear that Kearfott was an assistant or apprentice at Becker's Georgetown apothecary.
The 1900 & 1920 census lists Kearfott as a druggist in Martinsville VA.
His son's name was Hugh (b. about 1895 in VA)1.
Hugh was listed as working in a drug store in the 1920 census, but then as an automobile salesman in the 1930 census.


kearfott_01 (enlarge) Clear 7.3" bottle embossed:
vertical: C.P. Kearfott & Son / MARTINSVILLE, VA.

1 The United States Census, 1880,1900,1920
2 "Antique Bottles from the Washington DC Area" by Potomac Bottle Collectors, 4th edition

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