Archer Apothocary

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Archer, Norfolk VA
  Archer & Co Apothocary, cor 29th Street & Wash Avenue, Norfolk VA

The name "Archer & Co Apothocary" with the address listed above came from a bottle I saw on ebay.
(more information will be added when I get around to researching this druggist)


archer_01 (enlarge) Clear 6.4" bottle embossed:
fancy oval slugplate: ARCHER / NORFOLK, VA.
base: W.T. & CO. / C / U.S.A.
archer_02 (enlarge) This bottle does not say Norfolk on it, but I suspect it's from Archer's apothocary in Norfolk. It's a clear 4.6" bottle embossed:
vertical in block letters: ARCHER
base: W.T. & CO. / A / U.S.A.

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