Ricketts Drug Store

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Ricketts Drug Store , Orange VA

(more information will be added when I get around to researching this druggist)


ricketts_01 These are clear bottles that are embossed the same except for the number of ounces on the back. Left one is 6.7" (8 oz) and the right one is 4.3" (2 oz). They are embossed:
vertical: Ricketts / DRUG STORE / ORANGE, VA
backside: 2 (or 8) OZ
ricketts_05 This is the same as the ones above, except it's a different size and it has nothing embossed on the back. It is 5" tall (3 oz), clear, and embossed:
vertical: Ricketts / DRUG STORE / ORANGE, VA
ricketts_07 This is a 2.25" milk-glass bottle with a screw-on plastic lid, which holds a white cream inside. It has a label that has a 1942 date on it:
label: RICKETTS DRUG STORE / E.H. ROUSE / ORANGE Phone Dial 2021 VIRGINIA / No. 107343 ??-3-42 / apply after soaking / Joan Tappy
ricketts_06 This is a 2.75" clear machine-made bottle with a metal screw-cap that has an eye-dropper built into it. It has a label with a 1955 date on it:
label: RICKETTS / DRUG STORE / ORANGE VIRGINIA / PURITY ACCURACY / TELEPHONE 2021 REG. NO. 4834 / No ?73145 Dr. Miller / Sammy Higgenbottom 2-8-55 / Put 3 drops in each nos- / tril 4 times daily / PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS

Other stuff:
ricketts_03 This is a post card that says:
top left: Ricketts' Building. ORANGE, Va.
I assume this is the building that housed Rickett's drug store.
ricketts_02 This is a photo (taken 2-May-2009) of what I beleive to be the same building in the postcard above. A conversation with the current owner of the antique store it houses confirmed that the building used to be a drug store.
ricketts_04 On the other hand...
This is a photo (taken Nov 2010) of 112 E Main Street. According to the walking tour of downtown Orange1, this building was once Ricketts Drug store, and the building that is depicted above was once the Grymes Drug store. I suspect that the building depicted above must have housed both drug stores but at different times.

1 Brochure: "A Walking Tour of the Downtown Orange Commercial Historic District", published by the Orange Downtown Alliance

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