Ashby's Drug Store

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Ashby's Drug Store, Remington VA
  Remington Drug Co, Remington VA

According to this web site, this drugstore opened in 1908 as W.W. Smith's Dry Goods & Notions, and became Will H. Ashby's in 1913. The bottle below says "T.J. Ashby", so it must have stayed in the Ashby family for a while. The neat thing is that this drug store is still open today, and is worth checking out if you're ever in Remington.


ashby_01 This is a clear, 3" bottle with a plastic stopper, and a label:
label: No 130-572 Dr. Ashby / ... / ASHBY'S DRUG STORE / THE Rexall STORE / T. H. ASHBY REG. PHAR. PROP. / REG NO 363 REMINGTON, VIRGINIA

Other Items:
remington_01 Today it's still open, and it's called Remington Drug Co. This is a picture I took of the drugstore on 7-March-2009.
remington_02a remington_02b This is a cardboard fan, front & rear shown, with an advertisement for '666' products.. The front depicts a child singing with 3 birds, and a small caption saying "666 Quartet". The wooden stick is stamped "The Remington Drug Co.
The rear has extensive ads for the 666 products, and in the bottom right is stamped:
stamp: The Remington Drug Co., / E.H. Ashby, Reg. Pharmacist / Remington, Va

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