Bennett & Beers

Company Names, addresses, dates:1
  Chas. Bennett & Co, 151 Eagle Square, Richmond VA (1850-1851)
  Bennett & Beers, 125 Main St., Richmond VA (1852-1855)
  Bennett & Beers, No. 3 Pearl St., Richmond VA (1855)
  Bennett, Beers & Fisher, 125 Main St., Richmond VA (1856)

Their names were Charles Bennett & William H. Beers1.
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bennett_01 bennett_02 Aqua 6.1" bottle (with a hole in the corner that you cannot see) embossed:
vertical in front panel: BENNETT / & / BEERS
vertical in right-side panel: DRUGGISTS
vertical in left-side panel: RICHMOND VA
base: (glass pontil scar)
bennett_03 bennett_05 This is an 8" tall, olive green bottle with an iron pontil scar. It has embossing as well as labels on the front & back:
Front label (top): CARTERS SPANISH MIXTURE / for the removal and permanent cure of all Diseases arising from an Impure / state of the Blood, or habit of the system, viz:
Front label (left side): Serafula, or Kings Evil, / Rhemmatism, / Pimples or Postules on the face, / Blotches, Biles, / Chronic Sore Eyes, / Ring Worm or Tetter, / Scald Head, / Enlargement and Pain of the Bones or Joints, / Stubborn Ulcers, / Syphilitic Disorders, / Lumbago, Spinal Complaints, / and all diseases arising from an / indujicous use of Mercury, / Exposure or Imprudence in Life.
Front label (center): (picture of crown on a crest of some kind)
Front label (right side): It invariably cures / Indigestion or Dyspepsia, / Neuralgia, / General and Nervous Disability, / Palpitation of the Heart, / Liver Complaint / and Inflamation of the Kidneys. / Ladies of pale complexion and / consumptive habits, and such as / are debilitated by those / obstructions which / females are liable / to, are restored, / by the use / of a bottle or two, / to bloom and vigor.
Front label (bottom): BENNETT & BEERS, DRUGGISTS, / GENERAL AGENTS AND PROPRIETORS / No. 125 MAIN STREET, RICHMOND, VA. / None genuine unless signed by: Bennett & Beers
base: (iron pontil scar)
bennett_04 This is the same bottle as above, but viewed from the rear:
Embossed on the rear: CARTER'S / SPANISH / MIXTURE
Rear label: DIRECTIONS.- The diet must be simple, avoiding all gross meats, rich pastry, ho? / bread, or watery vegetables. Moderate exercise should be taken in the open air, when / the weather permits; a due regard for cleanliness, and a total and rigid abstinence from / all intoxicating liquors, will be found the best means of securing the benefits of this / truly valuable Purifier of the Blood. / DOSE. - For an adult, a wine-glass full one hour before breakfast and dinner, and / before going to bed. Children from 12 to 15 years old, a half wine-glass; 6 to 10 years, / a table spoon, and infants 1 year and upwards a teaspoonful. Should it produce nausea / reduce the dose for a few days. When taken as an alerative, two doses a day, morning / and night, will suffice. / The bottle in all cases to be shaken until all the sediment is ??? and drink it ??? / ??? For further particulars, see wrapper around the bottle.

1 Book: "Bottled in Richmond 1811-1930", by Vernon Grant

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