Thos. N. Curd

Company Names, addresses, dates:1
  Thos. M. Curd, 2001 Venable St., Richmond VA (1893-1898)
  Thos. M. Curd, 701 Mosby St., Richmond VA (1899-1907)
  Thos. M. Curd, 800 N 21st St., Richmond VA (1908-1911)
  Thos. M. Curd, 800 Picket St., Richmond VA (1912-1930)
  Thos. N. Curd, Corner Venable and 21st Streets, Richmond VA

The Richmond Book1 lists Thomas "M" Curd, but the label on the bottle below says Thomas "N" Curd. I don't know if one of these was a misprint, or if there were 2 different Thomas Curds.
(more information will be added when I get around to researching this druggist)


curd_01 (enlarge) Honey-amber 2.5" unembossed bottle with a rolled lip and a label:
label: THOS. N. CURD ... / N.W. Cor. Venable and 21st Sts., RICHMOND

1 Book: "Bottled in Richmond 1811-1930", by Vernon Grant

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