Grant's Drug Store

Company Names, addresses, dates:1
  Grant's Drug Store, 1201 E Main St., Richmond VA (1910-1930)
  Grant's Drug Store, 626 E Broad St., Richmond VA (1911-1924)
  Grant's Drug Store, 610 E Broad St., Richmond VA (1925-1930)
  Grant's, Broadway & 7th, Richmond VA

(more information will be added when I get around to researching this druggist)


grant_01 (enlarge) Left bottle is 4.7" and right bottle is 3.6". They're both clear, and embossed:
horizontal: GRANT'S / DRUG / STORE / 12TH & MAIN / RICHMOND
grant_02 (enlarge) Clear 5.8" bottle embossed:
vertical slanted: "Get it at" / Grant's
vertical: BROADWAY & 7TH   MAIN & 12TH / RICHMOND, VA.

1 Book: "Bottled in Richmond 1811-1930", by Vernon Grant

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