Miller & Rhoads

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Miller & Rhoads, Richmond VA

Miller & Rhoades is listed in the Richmond bottle book1 as "perfume" in the "Household" section, not in the "Druggists" section. So the bottles below may not be drugstore bottles.
(more information will be added when I get around to researching this company)


miller_01 (enlarge) These are clear bottles; left is 3.5" tall and right is 2.8". They are both embossed:
vertical: Miller & Rhoads / INC / RICHMOND VA
base: C L G CO
Here's the weird part: the "C L G CO" embossed on the base of the taller of the 2 bottles is backwards. miller_04 (enlarge)
miller_02 (enlarge) Clear 2.8" bottle, similar to the above bottles, but with a label.
vertical embossing: Miller & Rhoads / INC / RICHMOND VA
label: Miller & Rhoads
base embossing: C L G CO

Other items:
miller_03 (enlarge) This postcard depicts a large building that has "Miller & Rhodes / DRY GOODS" on the side in two places, and "Miller & Rhodes" several places above the awnings in front.

1 Book: "Bottled in Richmond 1811-1930", by Vernon Grant

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