Stokes Drug Co

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Stokes Drug Co, 3000 West Cary Street, Richmond VA

(more information will be added when I get around to researching this druggist)


stokes_01 stokes_02 This is a clear 7.25" (8 oz) machine-made bottle, with an applied color label (ACL) on one side and a paper label on the other side:
ACL: Stokes / Drug Co / (scales with "PPRESCRIPTION" above and "SPECIALISTS" below) / 3000 W. CARY / DIAL 5-4347
paper label: SWEET OIL / STOKES DRUG COMPANY / PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS / Phone 5-4347 3000 West Cary Street, RICHMOND, VA.
stokes_03 stokes_04 This is an amber, 2.5" machine-made bottle that held eye-drops, with a label from 1931. It has the original box, which has a hole where an eye-dropper would have gone. The label says:
paper label: Dr. Bryce / ... 10-30-31 / STOKES DRUG COMPANY / SUCCESSORS TO BURTON'S DRUG STORE / PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS / Phone 4-9811 3000 West Cary Street, RICHMOND, VA.

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