Central Drug Co

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Central Drug Co, Wytheville VA

(more information will be added when I get around to researching this pharmacy)


central_01 Amber 3" screw-top bottle with a label that says:
label: CENTRAL DRUG CO. / SERVICE FOR THE SICK / Reg. No. 4087 WYTHEVILLE, VA. / ... Dr. McKee / ...
embossed on base: (the letter 'P' inside a flag)

Other items:
central_02 This is a postcard of Wytheville VA. On the left there is a sign that says:
In between "CENTRAL" and "DRUGS", it looks like it says "WALGREEN AGENCY", but it's hard to read. From the look of the cars on this postcard, I'd estimate it was from the 1940s.
central_03 This is another postcard of Wytheville VA, showing the Central Drug Co. I's postmarked 1938, and the cars look even earlier than that, so it's eariler than the postcard above. The sign on the store on the far left says:
sign: CENTRAL DRUG CO / DRUGS (mortar & pestle) / CIGARS SODA
central_04 I have 2 old ledgers from the Central Drug Company. They're 15.5" x 6.5". This is the cover of one of them, the other looks similar but more beat-up. The insides are described below.
central_05 This is a sampling of the inside of one of them. The tops of the pages describe it as the "paregoric list". It appears to be a daily log of the Paregoric that was sold, who it was sold to, the city where the person lives, and how many ounces they bought. The book covers from July 29, 1929 to April 7, 1933. Paregoric was a medicine that contained a small amount of Opium.
central_06 This is a sampling of the inside of other one. It seems to be a daily log of what was sold, and how much it sold for. Everything seems to be crossed-out, making it hard to read. I'm guessing that crossing items out was some part of their inventory or accounting process. This book is missing some pages, but what I have covers from January 30, 1929 to January 22, 1932.

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