Virginia Drugstore Photos

This page has photos I've taken of old Virginia drugstores, or of buildings that used to be drugstores. In some cases, I have an old photo of the same drugstore (usually from a postcard), and I've included them for a "now and then" affect.

Alexandria VA
Stabler-Leadbeater Apothocary

Current status: Museum
leadbeater_13 (Jul 2014) leadbeater_12 (c. 1890s, from a label)
Charlottsville VA
Miller's drug store

Current status: Restaurant
miller_01 (Sep 2009) (no old photo available)
Culpeper VA
Gayheart's Drug Store

Current status: Frost Cafe
gayheart_04 (Nov 2014) gayheart_03 (circa 1940s)
Culpeper VA
Gorrell's Pharmacy

Current status: Store & bank
gorrell_04 (Aug 2009) (no old photo available)
Fairfax VA
Robey's Drug Store

Current status: Bellissimo Restaurant
robey_04 (May 2010) robey_06 (postmarked 1913)
Farmville VA
Gray's Drug Store

Current status: (not the original building anymore)
gray_04 (2015
Google Maps)
gray_03 (postmarked 1942)
Fredericksburg VA
Bond's Drug Store

Current status: Restaurant
bond_03 (Feb 2011) bond_01 (postmarked 1907)
Fredericksburg VA
Goolrick's Drug Store

Current status: Still a drug store
goolrick_01 (Aug 2009) (no old photo available)
Fredericksburg VA
Hugh Mercer Apothecary

Current status: Museum
mercer_01 (Aug 2009) (no old photo available)
Luray VA
McKim & Huffman Pharmacy

Current status: No longer a drug store
mckim_02 (Oct 2009)
Manassas VA
Prince William Pharmacy

Current status: Antique store
prince_02 (Dec 2010) prince_03 (postmarked 1910)
Manassas VA
Cocke's Pharmacy

Current status: Restaurant
cocke_02 (Feb 2012) cocke_06 (circa 1930)
New Market VA
S.G. Good Drug Store

Current status: (privately owned)
good_03 (Jun 2014) good_02 (1910)
Orange VA
Ricketts Drug Store

Current status: Antique store
ricketts_02 (Apr 2010) ricketts_03 (postmarked 1910)
Remington VA
Remington Drug Store

Current status: Still a drug store
remington_01 (Apr 2010) (No old photo available)
Strasburg VA
Kneisley's Drug Store

Current status: Building being renovated
kneisley_05 (Mar 2014) kneisley_03 (postmarked 1944)
Warrenton VA
Joseph A. Jeffries Drug Store

Current status: Political headquarters
jeffries_02 (Oct 2009) (No old photo available)
Warrenton VA
Rhodes Drug Store

Current status: Gift shop
rhodes_01 (Oct 2009) (No old photo available)
Woodstock VA
Schmitt's Drug Store

Current status: Mortgage Company
schmitt_07 (May 2010) (No old photo available)
Woodstock VA
Walton & Smoot Drug Store

Current status: Still a drug store
walton_02 (May 2010) (No old photo available)

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This page last updated on December 26, 2015.