I've had bad experiences with

It sounded great when I heard about it - would give me access to a lot of historical newspapers.

But I found that's search capability was terrible.

I think the problem is that does not have clean scans of their documents. Many of the documents seemed to have gibberish in the middle of paragraphs. And when I searched for names that I knew for a fact were in several copies of the Washington post, my search only turned up about 25% of the hits (as compared to a search for the same keywords using the Historical Washington Post on ProQuest).

I was very disillusioned with

But what really burned me up was the fact that covertly kept charging my credit card every 3 months (even though I stopped using their service because it was so poor).

And when I noticed that they had charged my card I told them I was not using their service and asked them to please remove the charge - they refused. They didn't care whether or not I was using their service, they had my money and they weren't giving it back.

Going to the better business bureau didn't help.

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