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Welcome to Chosi's Puzzle Collecting Page. I'm Chosi, and as you can guess, I'm a puzzle fan. Here's some of the cool stuff I have to offer:

My Puzzle Collection
Old (antique?) Puzzles
Puzzle's I've never solved
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You may be thinking: "Where are the puzzles? Why isn't Chosi trying to stump me with a riddle, or some other type of on-line puzzle?". Well, I was going to do that, but there are already plenty of web pages out there devoted to that. You can search the web on the word "puzzle" and get a huge list of them (or you can peruse my links to other puzzle pages). So rather than just create another page like all the rest, I figured I'd stick to my specialty - my puzzle collection.

Information about collecting puzzles:

I've been collecting puzzles for over 10 years. The last time I took inventory (Jan 2003), I had about 622 puzzles in my collection. My collection fills up an entire room in my house. I've grouped my puzzles into categories as defined in Jerry Slocum and Jack Boterman's book "Puzzles Old & New: How To Make And Solve Them", which I highly recommend that you buy if you're a puzzle fan.

I suggest you peruse the list of the puzzles in my collection, which will show you the list of categories and give you an idea of how many puzzles I have. You may recognize many of the puzzles on the list. It may inspire you to start your own puzzle collection.

If you're a fan of puzzles, or looking to buy a puzzle, you may want to check out my list of puzzle Manufacturers , because it lists many companies that can sell you puzzles.

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This page last updated on August 10, 2012.