Better Brewed Beer (B.B.B.)

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Better Brewed Beer (B.B.B.), Brewed for The Calvert Shop, Washington, D.C.
  The Calvert Shop, 2312 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC 1
  Columbia Brewing Co, Shenandoah PA (1894-1968)2

According to the label, the beer was brewed by the Columbia Brewing Company in Shenandoah PA, but was brewed & bottled exclusively for the Calvert Shop in Washington DC.
According to advertisements in the Washington Post (between 1948 and 1981), the Calvert Shop was a liquor store. In the later years, it was called the "Calvert Wine & Cheese Shop".


bbb_01 (enlarge) This is a 7" machine-made amber crown top bottle with a label:
label: B.B.B. / Better BREWED Beer / A Pennsylvania Premium Beer / BREWED & BOTTLED EXCLUSIVELY FOR / THE CALVERT SHOP / WASHINGTON, D.C.
label along left edge: Contents 12 Fl. Ozs.
label along right edge: Brewed & Bottled by Columbia Brewing Co., Shenandoah, Pa.

1 Advertisements in the Washington Post newspaper
2 American Breweries II by Dale P. Van Wieren

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