Patrick Cannon

Company Names, addresses, dates1:
  Patrick Cannon, 305 10th street NW (1895-1896)
  Patrick Cannon, 1004 Pa Ave NW (1897-1906)
  Patrick Cannon, 934 Pa Ave NW (1907)
  Patrick Cannon, 936 Pa Ave NW (1908-1912)
  Patrick Cannon, 1227 22nd St. NW (1914-1916)
  Patk. Cannon, 1429 P St. NW (1917-1921)

Patrick Cannon (born c. 1866, died 1921)2 was listed as a bar tender in the 1893 & 1894 city directories. In November 1894, he applied for a bar room license at 305 10th St. NW. He was listed in city directories as a Saloon/Restaurant owner from then on, except for a breif period from 1914-1916, when he was listed as a wine/liquor dealer.
Patrick Cannon also has some liquor bottles listed in the book that are embossed with: "CANNON's BUFFET" at 1004 PA AVE NW. Calling his business a "buffet" makes it sound more like a restaurant than a saloon, but the fact that he had embossed beer & liquor bottles makes his business seem just the opposite.
The bottle below has a ceramic stopper that says "SCHLITZ", so it seems likely that Cannon bottled Schlitz beer. An article in the Evening Star from 1901 said that Cannon paid Christian Heurich's Brewery about $6000 a year for beer, so he sold Heurich's beer that year.
Cannon continued to run his restaurant after Prohibition hit Washington DC in 1917, but then he passed away in January of 1921.


cannon_01 book # 122
This is an aqua 9.3" tall blob top bottle, embossed:
round slubplate: P. CANNON / 305 10TH ST. N.W. / WASHINGTON, D.C.
above slugplate: REGISTERED
base: H
It has a ceramic stopper that says "SHLITZ" on it.

1 Boyd's Directory for the District of Columbia (various years)
2 Obituary, Evening Star Newspaper, Jan 14, 1921, p.23
3 Evening Star Newspaper, May 18, 1901, p.8

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