Aeneas Collins

Company Names, addresses, dates1:
  Aeneas Collins, 2028 14th St. NW, Washington DC (1904-1914)
  Aeneas Collins, 2006 14th St. NW, Washington DC (1915-1927)

Aeneas Collins is listed in Washington DC city directories as a Liquor dealer. The book also lists some "A. COLLINS" bottles in the "Spirits & Wines" section, including some strap-sided flasks, and a rectangular pint bottle.
Collins is listed in directories from 1915-1917 under "Saloons", and from 1918-1927 under "soft drinks". The 1927 directory actually uses the heading "Saloons - soft drinks", which implies to me that maybe once prohibition started, Collins continued to run his saloon, but only served soft drinks.
In fact, the Evening Star (Washington DC) newspaper on June 23, 1920, page 15, had an article that said Collins was arrested for selling "bitters and other preparations containing more than one-half of one per cent alcohol". So maybe some of the "soft drinks" had a little bit of alcohol in them.
Aeneas Collins was born in 1874, got married on 28-Nov-1909 to Margaret Hannon, and died 18-Jun-1940.


collins_01 book # (unlisted)
This is a 9.5" clear (slightly SCA) blob top, embossed:
oval slugplate: A. COLLINS / 2028 14TH ST. N.W. / WASHINGTON, D.C.

1 Boyd's Directory for the District of Columbia (various years)

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