T.F. Conroy

Company Names, addresses, dates1:
  Thomas F. Conroy, 1310 D St. NW, Washington DC (1885-1890)
  Thomas F. Conroy, 1421 P St. NW, Washington DC (1896-1897)
  Thomas F. Conroy, 1421 P St. NW, Washington DC (1900-1901)
  T. F. Conroy & Co, 1421 & 1421 P St. NW, Washington DC (1902-1911)
  T. F. Conroy & Co, 1421 P St. NW, Washington DC (1912-1916)

Thomas F. Conroy was listed in city directories under "Saloons & Restaurants" from 1885-1914, and under "wine & liquor" from 1901-1916. I suspect his establishment at 1310 D St NW was probably a Saloon, and his establishment at 1421 & 1421 P St. NW was both a saloon and liquor store.
Some years the city directories listed Conroy's establishment at 1421 P St, some years at 1421 P Street, and some years at both those addresses. It's not clear whether he was moving his establishment, or if the directories were just not 100% accurate (I suspect the latter).
In March 1901, Conroy & 2 others brought a lawsuit of injuction on the Consumers Brewing Co, trying to prevent them from transferring any stock. The lawsuit claimed that the Consumers brewery was not bankrupt2. Consumers was in the process of declaring bankruptcy and transferring their stock to the Arlington Brewing Co, so that they could continue to operate their brewery under a new name without all the debt they incurred from building their large brewery in Rosslyn VA3.
Conroy passed away on April 11, 1904, however his establishment continued on without him. It's not clear who was running the business during the years after his death - it may have been his wife Theodosia, his son Bernard, or even Peter Drury (who was listed as an executor in Conroy's will). Peter Drury was a Saloon owner at 1100 20th street NW from 1889-1893.


conroy_01 book # 174
This is a 9.5" aqua blob-top bottle, embossed:
oval slugplate: T. F. CONROY / 1421 & 1421 / P ST. N.W. / REG 1895 / WASH. D.C.

1 Boyd's Directory for the District of Columbia (various years)
2 March 18, 1901 edition of The Evening Star newspaper of Washington DC, p.16
3 Article "The Arlington Brewery" in the the Potomac Pontil newsletter March 2007

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