A. Favier

Company Names, addresses, dates:2
    Favier A., restaurant w side 19 w. btw Penn av and H n nr cem. (1830-1854)
    Favier's Garden, n side M n btw 17 and 18 W (1839-1854)

Agricola Favier was born 1802 in France3, and died Oct 23rd 1854 in Washington DC. Favier started a Restaurant in 1830, and a Spring Garden in 1839. He started bottling Mineral Water in June of 1840 - he was possibly the first in Washington DC to do so. Faviers Spring Garden on M Street between 17th and 18th Streets had actual springs that supplied water for his bottled mineral water. Favier was known to cater parties for Congressmen at his restaurant and Spring Garden. Favier's first name shows up in various sources as "Agricola, Agricole, and Agricol". 2
City directories sometimes list Favier as a Restaurant owner, and other times as a Confectioner.
The 1843 city directory includes an ad for Faviers mineral water that says it has been recommended by many of the most eminent physicians in the district 1 (I beleive that in 1843 it was still popular belief that carbonated drinks had curative qualities).


favier_02 book # 237
This is a 9" greeen torpedo bottle. The glass has an opalescent patina that looks redish when it is front-lit, but with back-lighting you can see that the glass is clearly green. This bottle was likely made at the Baltimore Glasshouse. It is embossed:
front: A. FAVIER
back: W. C. D. C.
The "W.C.D.C." stands for Washington City District of Columbia.
favier_03 This is the back side of the bottle above.
favier_04 This is the same bottle, but with back-lighting to show the true color of the glass.
favier_05 book # 238
This is a 7.5" blue, 8-sided blob-top bottle with an iron pontil scar on the bottom. It is embossed:
vertically on panel-1: A. FAVIER
vertically on panel-2: MINERAL WATER
vertically on panel-3: RECOMMENDED BY / M.D. FACULTY
vertically on panel-4: W.C.D.C.
base: (iron pontil scar)
The "W.C.D.C." stands for Washington City District of Columbia.

Other Stuff:
favier_01 This is from the 1846 directory. It says his flavors included "Rasberry, Lemon, Strawberry, &c.".

1 Boyd's Directory for the District of Columbia (1843)
2 Various Newspaper articles from the Washington Evening Star and National Intelligencer between 1840 and 1909
3 US Census from 1850

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