Glee Club

Company Names, addresses, dates1:
  Glee Club, 20-22 Decatur NE (1925-1934)

The Glee Club beverage company lasted about 9 years. An ad for Glee Club Ginger Ale in the March 30, 1922 Washington Post said that the proprietor was "O.L. Carter". A July 20, 1928 Washington Post artical indicated his first name was "Owen".


glee book # 277
This is a 8.2" clear machine-made crown top marked:
front vertical: GLEE CLUB
front horizontal: CONTENTS 6 1/2 OZ
back vertical: WASHINGTON
back horizontal: 4179B ROOT 28
glee_03 book # 278
This is an 8" green machine-made crown top that embossed:
front : Glee Club / 490 ROOT 30
back : Glee Club
glee_02 book # 279
This is a 9.6" green machine-made crown top that is not embossed. It has a partial label, with a faint picture of a colonial fife-and-drum trio. Here's what I can read from what's left of the label:
'76 / CONTENTS 12 OUNCES / PALE DRY / GINGER ALE / Glee Club Beverage Co. / Washington, D.C. / REGISTERED

Other Items:
glee_ad This is an ad from a 1925 phone book, touting the cleanliness of the Glee Club Beverage Co.

1 Boyd's Directory for the District of Columbia (various years)

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