Homeco Beverage Co

Company Names, addresses, dates1:
  Homeco Beverage Co, rear 119 D NW (1940-1942)

Homeco Beverage company seems to have been short-lived, as they only show up in the city directories from 1940-1942. Besides the bottle shown below, they have applied-color-label (ACL) bottles, one that's got white coloring and one that's got red and yellow coloring. All of their bottles seem to have stipling at the top of the neck.
I haven't found a connection between "Homeco Beverages" and "Home Beverages", but their names were very similar.


homeco_01 book # 339
This is a 9.75" tall clear machine-made crown top, with stipling at the top of the neck. It's embossed:
both shoulders: HOMECO / BEVERAGES
front heel: WASHINGTON, D.C.
rear heel: CONTENTS 12 FLU. OZS.
base: 7466-1B 43

1 Boyd's Directory for the District of Columbia (various years)

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