Patrick McCarthy

Company Names, addresses, dates1:
  Patrick McCarthy, 906 D street NW (1901)
  Patrick McCarthy, 3015 K street NW (1902-1904)
  Patrick McCarthy, 635 L street NW (1905-1914)
  Patrick McCarthy, 1019 7th street NW (1915-1917)

Patrick McCarthy was a Saloon owner in Washington DC from 1901 until 1917 (right up until prohibition).
McCarthy moved his business to 635 L Street NW in 1905. That was the address of a saloon run by George Nesline from 1901-1904. Bottle number 434 in the book is a crown top bottle embossed similar to the bottle below (same address) except the proprietor name was "GEO. NESLINE".
In 1907, a complaint was filed against McCarthy for using other peoples beer bottles. The complaint said that McCarthy had more than 700 bottles that had been registered to other dealers. The official charges were that he had 140 such bottles, for which he had to forfeit $702.
It's not clear what he did after prohibition, since there were at least 2 people named Patrick McCarthy in Washington DC at that time. One of them was listed in the 1918 city directory as a "Soft Drink" vendor at 930 4th St NW, and another as a grocer at 319 M St NW. But both of those businesses were gone in the 1919 city directory.


mccarthy_01 book # 399
This is a clear (slightly sun-colored amethyst) 9.25" blown-in-mold crown top, embossed:
on neck in script: Registered
round slugplate: P. MCCARTHY / 635 L. ST. N.W. / WASHINGTON D.C.

1 Boyd's Directory for the District of Columbia (various years)
2 Evening Star (Washington DC) newspaper, June 13, 1907, page 12

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