Pogensee & Beck

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Beck, Henry, Mineral water company, Alexandria VA (circa 1864) 1
  Poggensee, Christian, Brewery, West end of King St, Alexandria VA (1865-1866) 2
  Pogensee & Beck, Alexandria VA

An Alexandria Archeological report 2 says that Christian Poggensee teamed with George Steuernagel and opened a restaurant & brewery in Alexandria VA shortly after the civil war ended. Note that some references have Poggensee's name spelled with 2 g's, but the name embossed on the bottle below is spelled with only one 'g'.
An article in the Alexandria Gazette from Feb 19, 1864 said that the local bottlers were going to have to raise the price of their mineral water & cider to 50 cents per dozen (14) bottles, and it was signed by "FOGERTY & COLEMAN" and "HENRY BECK". I presume that those were 2 separate bottling companies, and that the "HENRY BECK" is the same "BECK" on the bottle below. I have no idea why it said "14" in parenthesis after the word dozen - was 14 really considered a dozen back then?
Anyway, I never found any city directory entries or newspaper articles that listed both Pogensee & Beck. The style of the bottle indicates it's pre-1880s, so I'm guessing that they were together in the mid to late 1870s.


pogensee_1 book # 530
This is an aqua 6.8" blob-top bottle marked:
(I painted the embossed letters with water-colors to make them stand-out)

1 Alexandria Gazette, various issues
2 Report "ROBERT PORTNER AND HIS BREWING COMPANY by Timmothy J. Dennee" at this web site.

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