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  Renz, Washington DC

The 1900 Census listed Henry Augustus Renz (b. 1873) as working for a soda water Bottler in Charlotte, NC. In the 1910 Census, he was listed as the manager of a Bottling Works in Petersburg, VA.1 His 1917 WWI draft card listed him as the Proprietor of the Coca Cola Bottling Works at 615 D Street SW, Washington DC. His son Henry A. Renz Jr was also listed as working at the Coca Cola bottling works according to his own WWI draft card.
This web site says that the Coca Cola company sued the Chero Cola company over trade mark infringements. A December 22, 1922 article in the Washington Post said that the Coca Cola company put an injunction on Chero Cola , "a soft drink manufactured by Henry Renz at 900 Eighth Street SW". So it seems that Renz got caught up in that litigation.

This last tidbit has nothing to do with bottles, but I found it interesting. According to an article in the Mar 30, 1921 Washington Post, Renz's son Henry A. Renz Jr had lost his ability to speak above a whisper for 6 months; but he regained his ability to speak simply by going up on an airplane to an altitude of 14,000 feet for an hour.


renz_01 book # 581
This is a 7.5" clear crown top bottle with a hexagon pattern, embossed:

1 U.S. Census, various years

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