List of Sources for Washington DC Bottle Information

The following is a list of some sources I've found for information on Washington DC antique bottles, bottlers, and beer brewers. It includes things like city directories, books about brewers, etc. These are not listed in any particular order.

Book: "Antique Bottles from the Washington, D.C. Area" by Potomac Bottle Collectors Extensive list of local bottles.
Book: "The Shortest Dynasty 1837-1947" by Michael Gaines Book about Robert Portner; includes tidbits about other local bottlers too
Book: "The Georgetown Directory for the year 1830" printed by Bejamin Homans Information about Joseph Arney.
Book: "Chronicles of Georgetown Life 1865-1900" by Mary Mitchell Information about Riley A. Shinn.
Newspaper: Washington Star 28-Jul-1905 and 4-Aug-1905 Advertisements for Diamond beer and Munich beer, both brewed by the National Capitol Brewing company. I saw these on ebay.
Book: "Washington and Georgetown Directory, Strangers' guide-book for Washington and Congressional and Clerk's Register 1853" Reprinted by U. of Michigan Directory of Washington DC residents in 1853
Book: "Merchants, Tradesmen And Manufacturers Financial Condition for the District of Columbia 1902" reprinted by Jan & Naomi McPeek Lists various bottlers/brewers, with their credit ratings.
Book: "Merchants, Tradesmen And Manufacturers Financial Condition Alexandria VA 1921" reprinted by Jan & Naomi McPeek Lists a few bottlers/brewers, with their credit ratings.
Book: "1928 Alexandria VA Businesses, Manufacturers, Merchants & Tradesmen financial condition" " Published by Carl E Millison Jr Lists various bottlers/brewers, with their credit ratings.
Book: "American Breweries II" by Dale P. Van Wieren Contains lists of beer breweries with addresses and dates
Book: "The Washington Directory and National Register for 1846" by Gaither & Addison Contains an ad for A.Favier (a confectioner) and Favier's Garden (where he sold his flavored mineral water)
Book: "Historical & Commercial Sketches of Washington & Environs" by E.E. Barton, 1884. Contains descriptions of various businesses, including these bottlers & brewers: Palmer, Heurich, Bridwell, Butler, Mades, Otto (George & Henry) and Guethler.
Book: "Artisans & Merchants of Alexandria,VA 1780-1820 volume 2" compiled by T. Michael Miller Lists info on 7 different brewers (index p.498) , and has a directory of Alexandria from 1834 in appendix IX.

Here is a list of sources on the web, in no particular order:
rusty cans Information about Washington DC Brewerianna.
1879 DC Directory Includes information about Washington Brewery Co.
Shaw Report Info about National Capital Brewing and John Schlueter
Voice of the Hill Article on page 14 (Albert Carry, National Capitol Brewing Co)
One Mans Junk Some DC area beer bottles
CapitolCityChapter Some info about Washington DC Brewerianna
Shorpy Old photos, many of Washington DC, and some of bottling establishments

Here is a list of web sources for other bottle information:
SeattleHistory Info about hutches, sodas, seattle bottles, etc.
KocaNola Info about Koca Nola soda bottles & history.
AmericanBrewerianna The American Brewerianna Association
AntiqueBottles A wealth of information about antique bottles
JarDoctor Place to buy bottle cleaning machines
Baltimore Bottle Club The Baltimore Bottle Club
Richmond Bottle Club The Richmond VA Bottle Club
HistoricGlassBottleID The BLM's Bottle ID web site Online Antique bottles forum
AntiqueMedicines Online Antique Medicine bottle forum

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