Speed Ball Co

Company Names, addresses, dates1:
  Speed Ball Co, 148 E Capitol (1910)

The only year I see this company listed in directories is 1910. Ads that say "Have you tried speed ball? A delicious drink. At all soda fountains" appears in the Washington Post from February to May of 1908.
A bottle was found the Stabler-Leadbeater apothocary in Alexandria that said "speed ball" on it, and it had a picture of a baseball. So maybe the name is a reference to baseball.
It may have also been a "pick-me-up" type drink. An ad in the 19-June-1911 Washington Post said "Have a glass of speed ball. Free at our fountain Monday and Tuesday. Try it for that tired feeling".


speed_01 book # 653
Amber 8.5" BIM crown top bottle embossed:
It also has 3 evenly spaced protruding dots on the front & back. They're too regularly spaced to be defects, but they're hardly noticable, so I don't know why they are there. One theory is that they are from air holes in the bottle mold.

1 Boyd's Directory for the District of Columbia (various years)

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