Otto Statter

Company Names, addresses, dates1:
  Otto Statter, Saloon, 335 Md Ave SW Washington DC (1889-1892)
  Otto Statter, Saloon, 213 3rd SW Washington DC (1893)
  Otto Statter, Saloon, 120 Md Ave SW Washington DC (1895-1901)

Otto Statter was born Sept 1864 in Washington DC2.
His father, William (aka Wilhelm) G. Statter, was a blacksmith in the 1860s. William ran a grocery store at 335 MD Ave SW from 1878-1887. In the following year, his son Otto was listed as the grocer at that address, with William's occupation listed as a clerk1.
The following year (1888), Otto was listed as a Saloon owner at 335 MD Avenue, and his father was listed as a Saloon owner 2 blocks away at 120 MD Avenue. So it seems that Otto converted the grocery store (which was also Otto's home, inherited from his father) into a Saloon, and his father opened up a separate Saloon at a new location.
Otto's Saloon at 335 Md Ave lasted for a few years - the 1893 directory listed his Saloon at 213 3rd Street SW, but since it was only at that address 1 year, this may have been a mis-print.
In 1895, Otto took over his father's Saloon at 120 MD Ave, and ran it through to 1901. Presumably the bottle listed below is from this 1895-1901 timeframe, based on the address in the bottle's slugplate.
Otto's father William G. Statter passed away on April 16, 18993. Otto is not listed in city directories from 1902-1906, and in subsequent years his occupation was listed as a bar tender, and later as retired1,2. Otto died on Feb 7, 19464.


statter_01 book # 664
This is a 9.5" aqua blob top bottle embossed:
oval slugplate: OTTO STATTER / 120 MD, AVE / WASHINGTON, D.C:
The embossing on the middle row of the slugplate is a little bit off - it has a comma after 'MD' instead of a period, and the period after 'AVE' is way over to the right and up too high. Was it somebody's first day on the job?

1 Boyd's Directory for the District of Columbia (various years)
2 US Census, 1880, 1900,1920,1930
3 Obituary in The Evening Star (Washington DC) Newspaper, April 14, 1899, page 7
4 Obituary in The Evening Star (Washington DC) Newspaper, February 9, 1946 page 10

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