Thomas Thackary

Company Names, addresses, dates1:
  Thos Thackery, F bet 9th & 10th SW, [confectioner] (1870)
  Thomas Thackery, 437 6th SW, [tonic beer] (1875-1879)
  Thomas Thackeray, 316 14th St SW, [bottler] (1884-1885)
  Thomas Thackeray, 313 Willow al SW, [bottler] (1887)
  Thomas Thackeray, 625 9th St SW, [bottler] (1888-1900)

The 1900 Census says Thomas Thackeray was born January 1844 in England, and was living at 625 9th St SW Washington DC, working as a Bottler. I assume it's the same guy whose name is on the bottle below, even though it's spelled with an 'ay', and the name on the bottle just ends in 'y'. The city directories list Thomas Thackery (without the 'ay') in the 1870s as a confectioner and seller of "tonic beer". But in the 1880s-1900 the city directories have his name spelled with the 'ay'. I'm assuming it's all the same guy with 2 ways of spelling his name.


thackery_01 book # 679
This is an aqua 6.5" hutch embossed:
round slug plate: T. THACKERY / 625 - 9TH ST. S.W. / WASHINGTON, D.C.
base: F.B. & F.J. CO. / 3

1 Boyd's Directory for the District of Columbia (various years)

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