John Albert Dienelt

Company Names, addresses, dates:1
  J. Albert Dienelt & Co, 824 King Street, Alexandria VA (1897)
  Dienelt & Walker, 1113 King Street, Alexandria VA (1899-1902)
  J. A. Dienelt, 1113 King Street, Alexandria VA (1903-1932)

John Albert Dienelt was born in 1871 according to the 1910 Census.
The actual name of Dienelt's store listed in the directories varied from year to year - sometimes it was called "Dienelt's Pharmacy", sometimes "Dienelt's Drug Store", sometimes "J.A. Dienelt", sometimes "J. Albert Dienelt", and sometimes "John A. Dienelt".
The 1934 City Directory lists "Moore's Drug Store" at 1113 King, so Dienelt must have sold his store sometime between 1932 and 1934. Moore's drug store was listed at that address until 1958.


dienelt_01 book # 121 (in medicines section)
These are clear bottles. From left to right their sizes are 7.3" (8 oz), 5.4" (3 oz), 4.8" (2 oz), and 4" (1 oz). They are all embossed:
horizontal: 3viii (or 3iii or 3ii or 3i)
The letter "A" in his second initial is crossed with a fancy angled line. Also, the "N" in ALEXANDRIA is an unusual font.

Other Items:
dienelt_02 This photo (taken October 2013) shows the building at 1111 and 1113 King Street. 1113 is on the left, which is where Dienelt's drugstore was. 1111 (on the right side of the photo) was listed as Dienelt's home address up until about 1913. The building looks old, so it might be the original building of Dienelt's drug store.

1 Dates & Addresses are from various Alexandria Virginia city directories

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