L. Stabler

Company Names, addresses, dates3,5:
  Dr. Richard H. Stabler, Corner King and Washington Sts, Alexandria VA (1845-c.1878)
  L. Stabler & Co, 701 King Street, Alexandria VA (c.1878-1896)

Laurence Stabler (b. 1857, d. 1923)4 was part of the same family that ran the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary in Alexandria Virginia. The Stabler and Leadbeater families ran that drug store at 105-107 Fairfax Street from 1792 until 1933. Today it is the Stabler-Leadbeater Museum.
Laurence Stablers drugstore was at a different address - on the NW corner of King and Washington Steets. The address of this building used to be referred to as 165 King Street according to the 1885 Sanborn map of Alexandria6. A modern map shows the address to be 701 King Street.
The drugstore was established by Laurence's father, Richard H. Stabler (b. circa 1820). Richard H. was listed in the US census as both a physician and a druggist. He established the drugstore in 1845, and ran it until about 18783.
Laurence took over the drugstore and ran it until 1896, when he sold it to John Janney 5.
The 1888 city directory has an advertisement for "L. Stabler & Co." that describes his business as "Drugs, Chemicals, Toilet Articles, Cigars, &c.", but below that it says "Carbonators and Bottlers of Soda, Ginger Ale, &c.". An article in the Alexandria Gazette that year said they had the "largest and finest soda fountain in Alexandria", and that they "manufacture mineral, soda water, and ginger ale"3.


stabler_01 book # 658
This is a 7" aqua hutchinson bottle embossed:

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