Patterson Drug Co

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Patterson Drug Co (store no. 6), Martinsville VA
  Patterson Drug Co (store no. 7), Alta Vista VA
  Patterson Drug Co (store no. 8), 238 Main St. Farmville VA

It seems that the PATTERSON DRUG CO had stores all over Virginia. The 3 listed above had store-numbers associated with them, and they start at 6.
In addition to the ones listed above, here are some that were also named Here are some more that were named "PATTERSON DRUG CO", that may or may not be related (I didn't see the same slanted red strip logo or a store number on artifacts from these companies):
  Patterson Drug Co, Danville VA
  Patterson Drug Co, Lynchburg VA
  Patterson Drug Co, Round Hill VA
  Patterson Drug Co, South Boston VA
(more information will be added when I get around to researching this company)


patterson_01 This is a clear, 5.75" bottle with a label from the PATTERSON DRUG CO of Farmville VA:
label: Prescriptionists / PATTERSON DRUG CO. / Store No 8 /238 MAIN ST., FARMVILLE, VA. / ... 9.7.38 ...

Patterson Drug Co items from other cities:
patterson_02 This is a cardboard box. The red stripe that says "PATTERSON DRUG CO" on this item is very similar to the one on the label above, so I'm guessing that it was part of the same Patterson's drug co chain. It says:
Prescriptionists / Store No 6 / ... MARTINSVILLE, VA. ... 6-14-47 ...
patterson_03 This is a 3.25" x 5.5" cardboard advertisement. It says:
../altavista/patterson_04 This is a postcard depicting the Patterson Drug Co store number 7 in AltaVista VA.

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