Bond's Drug Store

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Bond's Drug Store, corner of Commerce & Main Streets, Fredericksburg VA (1791-?)

One of the postcards below claims that Bond's was established in 1791, making it the oldest drug store in the US at the time (postmarked 1907).
(more information will be added when I get around to researching this druggist)


bond_07 This is a 5.4" (4 oz) clear bottle embossed:
horizontal: 3iv
bond_04 This is a 5" clear unembossed bottle with a label:
label: Throat Gargle / 3 Drams Tc. Iron / 3 Ozs. Dobell's Solution / W.L. BOND / DRUGGIST / FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA
bond_05 This is a 5" clear unembossed bottle with a label:
label: 272551 Jan 20/40 / ... / W.L.BOND, Druggist / FREDERICKSBURG, VA.
bond_06 This is a 4.5" clear unembossed bottle with a label:
label: 261918 Dec. 18-38 / ... / W.L.BOND, DRUGGIST / FREDERICKSBURG, VA.

Other Items:
bond_01 This is a post card, post-marked 1907, depecting W.L. Bond's Drug and Seed Store. The caption on the top says:
The Oldest Drug Store in the United States / Established 1791. Fredericksburg, Va.
bond_03 This is a photo of the building, taken February 2011. I don't know how much of the original building is still there, but it has the same shape and the same rectagonal chimney in the back.
bond_02 I can't make out the post-mark date on this card, but I'd guess it's about 1920. It shows Bond's drug store on the right. The caption at the bottom says:
bond_08 This postcard is unsent, so it doesn't have a postmark date. It appears to have some horse-drawn carraiges and no automobiles, so I'd guess it's from about 1910. It shows Bond's drug store on the left, from a different angle than the other postcards. The captions say:
top caption: Main Street, Looking north. Fredericksburg, Va. Opera House.
bottom caption: PUBL BY / W.L. BOND / Hand-colored.

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