Johnston & Pearson

Company Names, addresses, dates:1
  Johnston & Co, Fredericksburg VA
  Johnston & Pearson, Corner Comerce & Princess Anne Streets, Fredericksburg VA
  Johnston & Pearson, Corner Princess Anne & William Streets, Fredericksburg VA

An 1889 Fredericksburg city directory lists H. Hoomes Johnston & George B. Pearson as the proprietors of Johnston & Pearson at the corner of Commerce & Princess Anne Streets.
In 1910, the Johnston & Pearson drugstore was on the corner of Princess Anne and William Streets, where the Hyperion Espresso coffee shop is today. I know this from a circa 1910 photo of the drugstore I saw in the Fredericksburg Museum when they had a special exhibit on their local Drug Stores.
Johnston & Co was around during the civil war1. I don't know if this Johnston was any relation to H. Hoomes Johnston though.
(more information will be added when I get around to researching this druggist)


johnston_01 This shard is about 4" tall, and I estimate the whole bottle would have been about 6" tall. It is clear, and embossed:
vertical: & PEARSON / ISTS / G. Sts. / URG, VA.
My guess is that the full embossing would have been:

Other ITems:
johnston_02 This photo was taken August 2009. It shows the location where the 1910 photo I saw in the Fredericksburg Museum depicted the Johnston & Pearson drugstore.

1 Confederate papers from the Civil War at this web site.

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