Miller's Drug Store

Company Names, addresses, dates: 1
  Godfrey F. Miller, Winchester VA (1764-?)
  George F. Miller, Winchester VA
  Miller's Drug Store (Charles Godfrey Miller Prop.), Winchester VA
  Miller's Drug Store, 107 N Loudoun St, Winchester VA
  Miller's Drug Store (Garland Spillman Prop.), 107 N Loudoun St, Winchester VA (1943-?)
  Miller's Drug Store (Jack W. Widmer Pres.), 107 N Loudoun St, Winchester VA (c. 1970)

A plaque on the building at 107 N Loudoun Street, which used to house Miller's drug store, says:
In 1806 Godfrey Miller II moved the apothecary, founded in 1764 by his father to this site. Known as the oldest continuing family run drugstore in the USA, it thrived during the Civil War until 1990.
(more information will be added when I get around to researching this druggist)


miller_08 This is a clear, 3.6" bottle embossed:
vertical slug plate: GEO. F. MILLER / DRUGGIST / WINCHESTER VA
base: W T & Co / B
miller_05 This is a clear, unembossed 3.5" bottle with label:
label: No.____ / Dr. _____ / Directions: _____ / GEORGE F. MILLER / Druggist and Apothecary / Winchester Va.
There are hand-written directions, but I can't make out what they say.
miller_03 Clear 6.25" screw-top bottle with label:
label: MINERAL / OIL / An Intestinal Lubricant of / Highest Quality and Purity ... Distributed by / Miller's Drug Store / GARLAND SPILLMAN, Prop. / QUALITY DRUGS / Dial 6446 WINCHESTER, VA.
miller_01 Clear 2.2" bottle with a plastic lid and a label:
label: ... 11-20-70 / MILLER'S DRUG STORE / JACK W. WIDMER, PRES. / 107 NORTH LOUDOUN STREET / Phones 662-6646 - 662-6373 WINCHESTER, VA.
miller_04 Amber 2.8" bottle with a plastic lid and a label:
label: Miller's Drug Store / Your Druggist Since 1764 / Phone 662-6373 -- 662-6446 / WINCHESTER - VIRGINIA

Other Items:
miller_02 This is the building at 107 North Loudoun Street in downtown Winchester (blue-green building on the left side of the photo). Today it is the V2 Piano Bar and Lounge. Photo was taken December 2010.
miller_07 This postcard depicts Miller's drug store "then" and "now", although I don't know what year the "now" was, since the postcard is not used (no cancel date on back). The text has lots of good information about the history of Miller's drug store:
below "then" & "now" photos: Miller's is the oldest drug store operating in the United State, having been owned and managed continously by the Miller family since 1764.
Miller's was founded in 1764 by Godfrey Miller, a native of Gruena, Electorship of Saxony; who came to America in 1730. First settling in Philadelphia, he later moved to Winchester. Today the store is operated by his great-great-grandson, Charles Godfrey Miller.
Serving Winchester steadily and faithfully through wars waged and lesser disasters threatened, Miller's has never failed to be ready and is today up-to-the-minute in every respect.
Many events of great historical importance have passed and many figures of national importance have crossed the threshold of Miller's since 1764. Washington, Morgan, Jackson, Sheridan, Early, Stuart and many others who contributed to the glorious history of the Valley were all well known at Miller's.
miller_06 This is a red, white, blue & black matchbook cover. It says:
edge: TELEPHONE 6373
miller_09 This house at the corner of Loudoun and Liecester Streets has a plaque that says:
The Godfrey Miller Home (ca. 1773) One of the oldest houses in Winchester, this was the site of the original Miller Apothecary Shop. the logs, beams and joists used in construction were salvaged from Fort Loudoun after the end of the French and Indian War in 1763.

1 Information gleaned from the postcard and other items depicted above, as well as this web site:

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