C.J.W. Summers / Summers & Allen

Company Names, addresses, dates1,2:
  Summers, Charles J W (Janney & Co), h s s Prince 3 e St Asaph, Alexandria VA (1881-1882)
  Summers & Allen, NW Corner King & Pitt Sts, Alexandria, VA (1887-1889)
  Summers, Charles J W, Duke cor Alfred, Alexandria VA (1897-1898)
  Summers, Charles J W, 900 Duke St, Alexandria VA (1899-1910)
  Summers, Charles J W, NW corner Duke & Alfred, Alexandria VA (1911-1916)
  Summers, Charles J W, 901 Duke St, Alexandria VA (1917-1923)

A directory from 1887-88 lists Charles J W Summers & Ernest L Allen as "druggists and soda water mnfrs and bill posters".

Charles J.W. Summers is listed in the U.S. Census for the years from 1880 to 1920 as a Pharmacist, born about 1856.
An announcement by Janney & Co in the Oct 10, 1874 Alexandria Gazzette says that they had 2 drug stores, one run by M.H.Janney at 235 King Street and one run by Charles J.W. Summers at 118 Prince Street4.
Then an announcement in the September 12, 1876 Alexandria Gazzette said that Janney & Co had purchased the store of Mr C.B. Grigg at the corner of King & Royal Sts, and that the new store would be run by C.J.W. Summers5.
Summers was at 901 Duke Street from 1917-1923. The city directories show Nicklin's Drug store at that address from 1926-1932, and Goldin's pharmacy there in 1934. No other pharmacies show up at that address after that.

Ernest Linwood Allen was born c.1857, and the 1880 Census lists him as a Drug Clerk in Alexandria VA at age 23. I don't know how long he was teamed up with Summers, but the 1900 Census lists him as a Druggist, and the 1910 census lists him as a Retail Merchant 3.


summers_03 book # 672
Aqua 7.5" hutchinson (with Baltimore-loop top) embossed:
summers book # 674
Aqua 7.5" Baltimore loop top bottle embossed:
summers_02 book # 675
Aqua 7.5" hutchinson embossed:
This bottle has a round bottom, and will not stand up.

1 Chataigne's Directory - Alexandria, VA & Richmond's Directory - Alexandria VA
2 Alexandria Virginia City Directories & Phone Books, various years
3 US Census, various years
4 Alexandria Gazette, Oct 10, 1874, p.3
5 Alexandria Gazette, Sep 12, 1876, p.3

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