Janney & Co

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Janney & Co, 145 King Street, Alexandria VA (1867,1870,1875,1876)
  Janney & Co, 152 King Street, Alexandria VA (1881,1883)
  Janney, John H., 701 King Street, Alexandria VA (1899)

Janney & Co shows up in Alexandria City directories at 145 King Street in the years 1867-1876, and then at 152 King Street in 1881-1883, although there are a lot of years before, after & in-between that I don't have Alexandria city directories for.
The 1881 directory lists Janney & Co's individual names as Samuel H. and Mahlon H. Janney.
The last address Janney was listed at was 701 King Street (1899). Ernest L Allen's drug store was listed at that address from 1900-1918, so presumably he took over Janney's store. Then John Timberman's drug store was at that address from 1919-1950.


janney_01 (front) janney_01left (left) janney_01right (right) book # 267 (in medicines section)
This is a 5.75" aqua-colored bottle, embossed:
front: JANNEY & CO.
left side: DRUGGISTS
right side: ALEXANDRIA, VA.
janney_02 book # 268 (in medicines section)
This is a 4.75" clear bottle, embossed:
janney_03 janney_03a book # 270 (in medicines section)
This is a 4.25" clear bottle, weakly embossed:
vertical: (mortar & pestle) / JANNEY & CO. (on a ribbon) / "J & Co" / ALEX (on a ribbon) / VA.
Since the embossing is so weak, I included a photo of a pencil-rubbing to better show what it looks like.

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