Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Haugstetter & Koehler, Washington DC (c1859)1
  Haugstetter & Co, Washington DC

Haugstetter & Koehler are mentioned in a newspaper article from June 13, 1859, that announced they had purchased from Mr. Maack & Mr. Bosse their right in the bottling and mineral water establishment. It also claims that they were now better prepared than ever to supply mineral water to Washington DC. The article goes on to claim that any bottles with the names BOSSE or MAACK now belonged to them1.
A subsequent article from June 18, 1859 announced that William Bosse refuted their claim on his bottles, saying his bottles were not part of the deal. It also stated that Bosse had re-opened a bottling establishment2. Neither article explained why Bosse sold his business only to re-open a new one, but my guess is that Bosse & Maack were teamed up breifly and they broke up their partnership and went their separate ways.
Haugstetter & Co does not appear in any Washington DC city directories, so they were probably a short-lived company. Maybe it had something to do with them purchasing a bottling company, only to find out that the bottles didn't convey with the company? The bottle shown below is rare (it's the only one I've ever seen), so they may have purchased a small number of bottles with their name on it, then went out of business.


haugstetter_01 book # 291
This is 7" green squat blob top embossed:

1 Daily National Intelligencer Washington DC, June 13 1859, page 2
2 Daily National Intelligencer Washington DC, June 18 1859, page 3

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